Welcome to the Whiniest Generation!

cryingWell now I have seen it all! Today I read an eighteen year old is suing her parents because they won’t pay for her college. From the story this girl has had issues for a while and has refused to obey her parents. At one point child protective services was called in on the parents and the investigator note that the girl was just plain spoiled. So she moves in with her friends parents who just happen to have a lawyer for a dad and he is funding this lawsuit. It should be noted that the parents didn’t kick her out, she left. Only in America can this be happening! We have become a country of entitled whiners, bent on getting what we see as our right. College, fancy homes, cars and cellphones have somehow been deemed rights and if our demands are not met we are going to pitch a fit! How did we go from the greatest generation a mere sixty years ago to the whiniest generation today? I cannot blame the current government for this because I see them as the results of our choices, we elected them! We have allowed people who will just tell us what we want to hear, and give us free stuff to represent us and the results are girls like the above mentioned cheerleader. Until we wake up and start taking responsibility for our actions and making the hard choices that need to be made, we are just going to see more of this type of non-sense!

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