Who is the bigger idiot?

I can across a photo today of a surfer who just this week surfed what might be a world record size wave. If you haven’t seen the picture click on this link (wave photo). Some would call this guy brave or heroic, I would call him nuts! What makes a guy think that getting on the face of a runaway train is a good idea? One minor mistake by this genius would have resulted in his death. You have to have a screw loose to even attempt this. But as crazy as this guy is I am not sure he is the dumbest person in the picture. The people standing on the dock waiting the massive wave to hit them and wash them out to sea are. At least the surfer could direct his board toward a safe outcome, the others will get a face full of salt water and shorts full of sand, and that won’t matter much when they are spinning around with their lungs full with water. The surfer, knowingly put himself in harm’s way, the rest didn’t have a clue!

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