Who was the first?

Do you ever wonder who was the first person to try something? Mushrooms for example. Who was the first person who saw something growing out of a pile of animal waste and thought. “I wonder if those are eatable?” If the first guy tried and died did his friend make a mental note not to eat those again or did he think, maybe they will work in soup? It seems at some point someone had to try all the variations to know which ones were poison, which ones made you loopy and which ones made a good salad. It doesn’t stop at mushrooms, every culture seems to have some sort of food that is traditional for them but repulsive to everyone else. Menudo, lutefisk, even pork rinds, yet at some point someone joined what everyone else thought was uneatable into a family tradition. So as we all prepare to enjoy these rare delights during Christmas. Hoist a toast to the long gone family member who figured out it wouldn’t kill ya!

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