Why does that person sit up front?

There I am at Church on Sunday. I am in my regular seat sipping my coffee connecting my iPhone to the wi-fi so I can use my bible program while the worship music is going. Then it happens just like every week, that lady who always sits in the front row stands up. I know the chairs are not the most comfortable things, I have put in a comment card about them but come on! We are about to do 45 minutes of singing, well it will total 45 minutes but we arrived 10 minutes late so 35 minutes stillĀ remain. I just got comfortable when she gets up making me feel guilty. The worst is she raises her hands and sways with the music in a super spiritual way. That means it will start with a few people behind her and move in a random pattern through the rest of the rows until it reaches me and I have to stand as well. can’t she sit in the back with the crying babies row? They have to get up all the time and go in and out of the service no one will notice back there. Well almost no one, I have put in a comment card about that as well.

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