Winners and Losers

When my kids were in soccer at the local YMCA I was a volunteer coach. The games were amusing to watch. These little kids would run around in a bunch all kicking at the ball until it would squirt out toward the goal. Not many wanted to play goalie, and most would look with fear as the ball came toward them, many just moved aside as the ball went past them. One thing that every kid knew was the score, even thou we were not keeping it. We keep trying to make everybody feel like they won something and when someone actually is better at something we want to change the rules. Take the New York Library. A young man has won the summer reading contest for the last five years, so what does the library want to do? Ban him from the contest. The excuse is that he is discouraging others from the contest. Not that we want others to step up but we want everyone else to feel good about themselves. This is why so many are against standardized testing or not giving teachers tenure. If we hold everyone accountable we create winners and losers and that just doesn’t fit our feel good mentality. Even thou we all are keeping track anyway.

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