Woman are responsible!

How is it a shiny rock cut into a sparkly rounded shape can hold the interest of woman the world over? Diamonds are really not that special, they are a rock. For that matter what is gold? Have you ever wondered how these became the standard of currency and value for the world? there was probably some ancient guy who wanted to impress a girl, he wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t strong, so what were his options? Find shiny substances mold them into something creative, and present it to the girl of his dreams. How do know it worked? Well if it didn’t we would not be assigning them value today! It is a good thing this girl was not impressed with animal dung or even poison oak,  we would get a rash every time we tried to pay for something. Women whether you know it or not, you are responsible for our money system. Because a guy has to have a chance if he isn’t blessed with muscles or good looks!

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