Women’s Shoes

I have on occasion been called Imelda Marcos by my wife for the number of shoes I own. (Kids ask your mom who this is) All of mine serve a practical purpose in my mind and none of them are bedazzled! Women on the other hand, have no rhyme or reason to the shoe choices they make. I see short women wearing flats and I just passed a six-foot plus woman wearing three-inch heals. Could you not come up with a logical scale for a women’s heal size to height ratio? And what about color, Crayola has fewer colors of crayons! My shoes are in two colors black and brown. The only multi-colored pair i own are my running shoes, and I would not buy them in this color but all the current styles are these colors. You women will buy the same shoe in several different colors just to match outfits you don’t wear anymore. Your clothing and shoe purchases are based more on comments from other women than on any practical thing I can find. I know we like you to look good, and I know you like to look good, but can’t you find some other more practical system to decide which pair you buy or wear?

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