Words have meaning?

Why are some things named what they are? Staff infections? What is that, it sounds like something that would infect a whole group at one time. How about tendonitis, How is that about a part of your leg and not a bug that crawls up on your leg? I always wonder who gets to name things? is it what they thought it should be or was it some random word they made up. Like paprika, you can’t tell me that means something. Some one sneezed and instead of saying bless you, someone asked “did you say paprika”? There can’t be a rational explanation for every word in the english language but if it sticks we just use it. Our family has a word for being silly “foonya”. Not sure of the spelling because I have never written it before but it has stuck! I check the Websters dictionary every year to see if it has been added yet. Maybe next year.

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