Wow, I am running late!

Three months ago I was supposed to take care of something. It doesn’t really matter what is was, but I have tried to keep track of it. I have downloaded apps to track it. I have put it on the three different calendars programs, on two different computers and on at least two cloud based solutions. Yet I still keep forgetting to get it done. It’s like the trash ever Thursday. I just do my best to forget it according to some, but it is some sort of mental block. Could it be because others, who I will not mention, really don’t want me to forget so I do the opposite. I can’t be that silly can I? I don’t do on purpose I promise. Is it male selective memory? I doubt it. Lets face it, it is just that I am supposed to get it done and everything else I do to avoid it, is really just my way of saying I will get it done. Tomorrow!

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