Yeah, I do have a cold!

Girl Warming Herself With A Cup Of CoffeeI am one of the most hated people at work right now. I am the guy with a cold sitting in his cube coughing and blowing my nose every ten minutes. I know, you want me to go home or at least be wearing a surgical mask and handing out squirts of hand sanitizer. Unlike you I am a contractor, which means I don’t get sick or vacation days. I don’t get to leave early and say I am working from home. I don’t get to show up at nine and leave by four I get paid for every hour I am working on site. They don’t send me to conferences in Vega or Orlando. If I take a sick day it comes out of my pocket, if I want to take Christmas off, which I have no choice about because the place is closed, I get two unpaid days. Hey I am not complaining, you are paying me well, just don’t expect me to go home unless I cut something off or the room starts to spin. I would also be careful to not ask too much of me today, I can’t figure out if my glasses are dirty or the sinus meds are making everything foggy!

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