Not really a year in review!

new-yearSince everyone else is doing a year in review I thought I would play along. While I am willing to play along I don’t want to do the obvious things to review. Politics or Pop culture are overdone and let face it Dave Barry does the best job of slamming those so look up his year in review for a great laugh. No I thought I would do something different and review the last year of what I saw on Facebook. This is not to offend any of my Facebook friends it is to merely review what seemed to be what we all were talking about this last year. They are not in any particular order just what I remember seeing.

  1. Apparently I don’t love Jesus. I did not friend or like the various pages maintained by God or Jesus. There were just too many for me to click on and most did not make me feel any closer to God or serve to strengthen my faith. I did on occasion have a twinge of guilt but it passed soon after I read some of the comments.
  2.  Another glaring mistake on my part and most of the people I know is the food we eat. I have tried to have a garden but between the animals and the hail storms the only thing we have managed to grow is weeds. While the weeds probably have more nutritional value than my hot pockets I can’t seem to get them to stick to the roof of my mouth with the same force as molten cheese and pepperoni. I love that people want to keep our food pure, I just hope it will make a difference at my local Walmart.
  3. Our government stopped representing us some time in the forties! Except for those few brief years when Regan was in office nothing has gone right in a very long time! I agree with most of these statements but choose not to engage in them on Facebook. Not because it might offend someone but because based on the comment sections none of these posts have changed anyone minds about who it to blame. I vote my conscience, I give to the candidates I believe in but fighting with friends and family over those decisions in public forums seems counterproductive to actually changing their minds. I guess we always need someone shouting in the wilderness!
  4.  It was also the year of staying in touch! Never have I been so connected to my friends and family in ways I could have never imagined! The babies born, the loved ones lost, the vacations shared, new jobs praised, old ones remembered! It used to be that once a co-worker or neighbor moved on it was hard to keep in touch, not so anymore, and some of those connections netted new opportunities for me and for others. I also have a better knowledge of your families pets, from dogs to guinea pigs it has been a year for your animals as well, especially for you cat people, you know who you are!

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