Yep, it’s that day again!

Taxes File Contains Taxation Reports And DocumentsTax day, yep it is here again! Every year we get to moan and groan about this day and what it means to our pocket-book. Last night in discussing the potential job my son is interviewing for I mentioned that in round figures he could minus forty percent of that starting salary for the governments cut! He was blown away at that figure, it might be a little high for an estimate but I told him that once you took out social security (had to throw in that he will probably never get any of that) state and federal he would be a few dollars lighter. It is funny when you read about the first income tax being four percent and how back then they thought people would revolt if the taxes went over ten. Heck look at the revolution and why we fought for independence, it was for a lot less than what we are doing to ourselves today! I mentioned a flat tax to a friend and he reminded me that the whole industry would be out of jobs if that happened. Changing how taxes are done today would mean an entire shift in our country away from the complicated system which employs so many. The question is not if we could do it. It is a matter of whether we have the intestinal fortitude to ride out the storm it would create.

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