Why yes, I am addicted to Amazon.

amazonI just saw a news story on Amazon. They had a bad earnings report this week and the stock is getting hammered. They said the reason was they spent a lot of money on infrastructure so expenses were way up. I don’t know anything about the stock or their actual business model, but what I can tell you is that over the past few years there is no other company which I have spent more money at. I am an Amazon serial buyer, I will see something at a local store or even somewhere else online and I will go find it on Amazon and buy it. Simple purchasing and prime delivery are like my online crack. I went to another site which made me click-through window after window to get my purchase done which I abandoned due to the hassle. I have gotten so bad that if something isn’t available on Amazon I might just abandon my purchase altogether. What other company has me that hooked? Maybe Apple computers but I won’t buy their stuff in the Apple store, I buy it on Amazon. I had to buy a microwave the other day at Walmart and I used Amazon reviews to pick the one I wanted. The stock may have reasons to be down and I wouldn’t know if they are a good stock to buy or not. I just know that if I see something I want this week, odds are good they are going to make a dollar from me!

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