I have come to understand that this statement came originally from some rapper. Not that I am a fan of rap music but this guy obviously hit on something. YOLO stands for you only live once. How it is being used, is as an excuse for doing what ever you want because you won’t ever get to live your life again. When you ask some kid why they did something dumb they can respond with YOLO! While most would probably disagree, this is really what we are teaching our children in school and in the media. It i no wonder this statement hit a cord, it really is the current philosophy. There is no God, so there is nothing after this life so why live like there is? There is no agreed upon moral standard, so what is good for you can’t be questioned. The greatest achievements are in sports or hollywood so living for yourself is the best outcome we can have. we are now free of rules so we are free of caring for anyone else but ourselves. This to me is the opposite of even 50 years ago when JFK asked us to “ask not”. If he said that today the response would not be a collective agreement and action, but a cry of NO’ME!

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