You are whining Why?

A running back on the San Francisco 49ers whined on twitter last week that he was rotting on the team. This guy was signed as a backup to Frank Gore an all-star for 1.6 millions dollars plus bonuses for various other things. This means, to sit and watch the game every week and practice during the week he made $100,000. I don’t know about your weekly pay check but mine doesn’t even come close to that for a year! I understand the competitive spirit and if I had made it to that level I would want to play. For that much money I would not only sit on the bench but wash all the players and coaches cars during the game. I guess it is a question of perspective. If according to Feed The Children, I can feed a child in Africa for $30 a month. I shouldn’t really complain about what I have however less than a whiny football player I got.

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