You call that News?

What happened to the News! We have problems in this country and all I hear about is the latest celebrity wacko child names! They interview the president and ask him about his wife’s new haircut. What happen to the press distrusting everyone and asking hard questions? I am increasingly yelling at the TV during the news, not because I don’t like the information but because they aren’t asking the right questions. Somewhere along the way it became about ratings. Even the old-timers who are still around are not doing the same kind of stories. Do you remember 60min before it became a joke? Our country has some real issue we need to discuss, the House, Senate, and White house have to come to the table and solve them. Instead of the press putting pressure on our elected officials to get the job done, they are the band playing while the titanic is going down! Lest you think I see some doing a better job than others I say they are all doing it! When is someone going to step up and say whats wrong is wrong, and get news back to actual reporting!

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