You can keep the Quinoa!

Look, I know food allergies are becoming a big issue. I get that if you have one it is no fun. What I want to know is why we have to have so many meat and other substitutes. If you can’t eat red meat why are we taking some other grain or weird substance previously unknown to man and making it look like a hamburger? I have never eaten one of these things that remotely taste like the real thing. I not saying some don’t taste good, I have a box of black bean chipotle patties in my freezer.  I eat them because I like the taste. They do not however taste like a hamburger. Some are so gross tasting that they can not be classified as food! Who are they trying to fool? If you slap some sandpaper into a bun it won’t magically make it eatable.  I hate to tell you but that grain, which was formerly only eaten by monks in the Himalayas is not a delicacy, the only reason they ate it was because they had nothing else to eat. You cook up a nice burger with some cheese and pickles on it for them and those monks will kick that ground up dirt grain patty to the curb. If you don’t have food allergies and you are eating those things because you think it is good for you, or you think meat is murder. I will say I agree. Meat is murder, tasty-tasty murder!

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