You get a Gold sticker!

Isn’t that really what we want? Not much has changed since kindergarten. I work hard to get the approval of the teacher, who instead of saying good job gives me, a paycheck every week. This is my reward. I get to live another day, feed my family and not worry if they can have the things they need. Of course the politics are different. In kindergarten I didn’t have to worry that I would hurt someone feelings if I took away what they had in their hands. I saw it, wanted it, took it. If the teacher was distracted and I could keep the other kid from crying then I got to keep it.  If I shared I could play in the sandbox. If I treated other good in front of the teacher I would get praised. There were always the criers, the yellers and the snitches. When the day was over I slept well knowing I had put in a full day. Wait, it really is the same!

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