Your name is not Jim!

I have a little problem with American computer companies tech support. I don’t care if they are India, all thou it is sometimes hard to understand what they are saying. Sometimes it is the phone sometimes it is I have a hard time with the accent. It isn’t that the are taking jobs from Americans. These guys usually have advanced degrees, are smart and help keep the cost of a computer down because they are paid a lot less. My problem is that when I call they treat me as if I have never heard of a computer.

I know they have to deal with everyone including people who think the CD drive is a cup holder. I think they can, in the first few minute asses that I am competent and know computers and could skip the remedial steps I just explained I have already tried.

I have restarted the computer. I have checked my connections. I have tried another user or computer. It did work yesterday. I did try reinstalling.

Come on! get past the script and get on to helping me fix the issue. I called not because the obvious was not already done but because it is really broken. And if you put me on hold while you read through the FAQ’s make sure your hold music isn’t Barry Manilow!

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