I owe my parents an apology!

What is it about the teen years that makes people a cranky know-it-all? We spent the last couple of weeks trying to find a lost gas card. Every inquiry to the possible locations was greeted with a grumpy reply. Have you looked everywhere? Was equally met with disdain. The very idea that we were questioning was somehow distasteful. Reminders that the card was a pre-paid card that still had a good amount of money on it was met with a retort, well dad you lost your wedding ring! Yes, I lost my wedding ring and I have not found it. The difference is I will have to pay to replace it, my son’s expectation is to hand him another card with money on it, and say thank you when I do! I have gone over the places I might have lost my ring with a metal detector, my son has sat on the couch changing channels hoping it shows up in his bowl of after-school nachos. Mind you, he is a good kid and this is more of an everyday battle than a major blow out. I just wish I could see some concern for the things we do for him. Then again I didn’t really see what my parents had done for us till I was in my twenties. I guess we have to keep pushing until he buys his own gas cards. FYI, the card fell out of his music folder yesterday.

I don’t feel food about this.

So I did something I never had done before. I bought a Powerball ticket. The Dolly Parton look-alike behind the counter looked at me in shock when I asked how to play. You mean you never bought a ticket before? she asked. No, so what do I do. The answer was give her the money and she handed me a slip of paper with some number on it. last night when I checked my numbers I realized just why I had never played it. I matched one number! One, I statically had a great chance of being mauled by a bear while being struck by lightning but I did it anyway. The stupidest part of the thing was the mind wandering I did the day about what I would do with the money if I won. Besides saving the world and sending my kids to the best colleges, I would have bought the coolest 4×4 I could think of. That is the part I can’t stand about the lottery. Not that it is money down the tube, or that my Christian friends think I will go to hell for playing. It is the unrealistic dreams of greatness. After learning of my fate which was all but certain, I still had to get up this morning and get to work.  I don’t feel any better about that this morning than I did yesterday, and I am fifteen dollars poorer. I at least could have spent it on a nice meal and gotten something out of it.

Are we really this Lost?

I just walked by a car that had a bumper sticker that asked “What if the Hokey Pokey is what it is all about?” I know this is in jest but I can’t help but wonder as I look around, how we got this lost? As we get farther and farther away from a common moral belief system I see more and more people who make poor decisions. I used to believe that you could trust most people to do the right thing, but I’m not so sure anymore? I know some of this is because I am older. I have started to do the back in my day thing. Or how about the stories of how the neighbors would set us straight when we messed up. That doesn’t happen anymore. I used to laugh at the theory from the band DEVO. They said that greater and greater technology was causing man to De-evolve. Maybe it isn’t technology but a belief that we don’t need anyone to tell us who we are? We used to get our purpose from God and the idea was and still is, that we are not here for ourselves. Maybe it isn’t as far as evolving but the more technology, opportunity and affluence we have the further we are away from what we “should be” about. And it ain’t the Hokey Pokey!

Cyber Monday

I just had a moment, I realized I am a geek! I ordered a USB to Serial cable for connecting to the large network switches I am working with. Not just any cable but this one will work with my Mac and Pc. I don’t like taking two computers with me when I work so I researched this cable and found one online. When it arrived yesterday I played with it as much as I could at home then proudly showed it to my co-workers this morning. When I chance this morning to use it I smiled a big smile when the word “user:” showed up on my screen meaning it had worked. I was stupid happy! a twenty-seven dollar cable gave me some serious joy. Now that is Geek!

Why does that person sit up front?

There I am at Church on Sunday. I am in my regular seat sipping my coffee connecting my iPhone to the wi-fi so I can use my bible program while the worship music is going. Then it happens just like every week, that lady who always sits in the front row stands up. I know the chairs are not the most comfortable things, I have put in a comment card about them but come on! We are about to do 45 minutes of singing, well it will total 45 minutes but we arrived 10 minutes late so 35 minutes still remain. I just got comfortable when she gets up making me feel guilty. The worst is she raises her hands and sways with the music in a super spiritual way. That means it will start with a few people behind her and move in a random pattern through the rest of the rows until it reaches me and I have to stand as well. can’t she sit in the back with the crying babies row? They have to get up all the time and go in and out of the service no one will notice back there. Well almost no one, I have put in a comment card about that as well.

What I miss about being Fat

In January my uncle took a picture of my parents, my brother and sister and myself. When I saw the picture on Facebook, I gasped! I was huge, I was surprised someone wasn’t splashing water on me and trying to push me back into the ocean. So since then I have worked hard to lose 70+ pounds. While I am happy about the new me there are a few things I miss about being fat.

1. I miss being warm. It is Winter, ok technically Fall but I was always warm. In the dead of winter I could walk around in a t-shirt. Now I wear a sweat-shirts all the time.

2. Chairs are hard! I am going to have to order one of those gel cushions. I can’t sit for very long in most chairs.

3. I miss ordering the biggest hamburger on the menu. I never ordered the Diet Soda with my large burger and fries, I ordered the chocolate shake. If I was going to go all the way I wasn’t going to kid myself.

I am happy that I am no longer that big, but it is taking some adjustments.

What Thanksgiving means to me!

The day begins with a lecture on how women slave over the cooking and cleaning while men just watch football. Next will be the argument over what the kids are wearing over to grandma and granddad’s house followed by a rousing roundabout drive to grandma’s by the out-of-the-way grocery store. Next will be obligatory small help to the meal by putting the extension in the table and getting the extra chairs from the other rooms. While watching the football game I will have to discuss with my father in law how the pictures they lost from the last computer I rebuilt for them are not magically back. It is only the thumbnails from the cataloging program but the originals are still missing forever unless they spend $1000 dollars at a data recovery company. I will also once again wonder why they bought smart phones for which they will not load apps or use apps on. Lastly I will feel guilty over all I have eaten but not enough to not attempt to get the biggest slice of pie and wondering if the bathroom downstairs has a really good fan.

Faith in Technology

I am working in a school district IT shop. This means I am surrounded by guys with all sorts of technology assumptions. Some are Apple fans, some Windows and still others prefer Linux. Because of this there is a fair amount of banter about which is best. While much of it is funny, some of it boarders on religious dogma!

Fan boys, go crazy over Apple products, and if anyone says anything about the products you would think you questioned if they are a christian or not!

Linux fanatics will then chime in telling you how it is superior to all others in every way!  I agree, it is superior in every way except for user-base and compatibility.

The Microsoft guys can no longer defend themselves other than to remind you of the number of users world-wide, but secretly worry about the future and if they have put all their faith in a fading platform.

All of this is sad really. All of them are just tools. Putting that much of who we are into a company or a computer makes for disappointment no matter which one you use. If you are going to have faith in something let’s make sure it isn’t Intel based.