Price Check on Isle Outrage!

shopingcartLast night on the news they had a story that they said had some “up in arms”. It turned out that a local toy story had two identical Barbie’s, one Black one White. The problem they said was that the White Barbie was two dollars more! Shocking! They bring on the professor of women’s studies from the local liberal arts college to tell us how this was making her daughter feel less about herself! I could not help myself, I jumped out of my seat and started yelling at the TV! Our world is crumbling around us and it is things like this that make news? In this case it actually turned out to be a computer error which didn’t have anything to do with race or business decisions on the part of the store. The part that really got to me was not these things but the reaction of the mother/professor. What I don’t understand is how the price of a doll can affect her self-worth? What is it you are telling your daughter and other woman, that Barbie defines who you are? Is there nothing inside you which tells you, you are more precious than that? I have taught my children that the world does not define them. I have tried to teach them that what others do should not define their worth, they are more precious than Gold! If who you are is defined by the price of a Barbie you should be outraged that they even sell them because in your world that says that woman can be bought or sold. Our world has lost touch with what is real and what is really worth fighting about. Teaching our children false outrage over nothing will only destroy what they think they are protecting!

Save Your Outrage!

Time for Outrage Message Showing Rage And AngerI read an article today that said some parents were outraged by what they saw at a Miley Cyrus concert. Where have these people been? Are you really that disconnected with the world that you have no idea that the former child star is now the raunchy queen? I don’t watch award shows or celebrity news but come on! You had to have seen this girl has gone off the reservation. So it plays out like this, your daughter, I hope it was your daughter, asks you to go to the concert. In your mind it is the cute girl from that Hanna Montana show? You plop down the outrageous price for concert tickets of course you get good seats and proceed to watch what amounts to a near-porn sideshow. Let me guess, you didn’t leave until the end? Let me also guess that if we ask your daughter she will say she loved it? The best part is that the article I read had a response from Miley, which amounted to “I told you so”. So let’s stop the outrage or the calls for your money back. Do a little checking next time before you pay for something. Her lack of your money will say more than your outrage does now!

When is a Car not a Car?

lamborghiniOn a whim I decided to look up the most expensive car you can buy. According to Forbes magazine it is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, this car has a starting price of 4.5 million dollars. 4.5 million dollars for a car! If some Italian sculptor hand hammered the car out of gold it would not cost this much. What, besides going really, really fast and have seats covered in the rarest animals on the planet could cost that much? I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine ever owning one of these cars, I would be afraid to even drive it! You think you could get an insurance quote in 15 minutes for one of those? Flo herself would show up at my door just to see what kind of idiot buys a 4.5 million dollar car. I think of cars as practical, even if they are for fun. I need them to take me to work or the grocery store during the week and perhaps into the mountains or to the beach on the weekends. This car can only sit in an oversized garage and be looked at. Even the slightest rock chip has to cost, what a hundred thousand? I know the maker and the buyers of this car could care less what I think, but I imagine you could buy a really nice car for say, one-quarter the price of this one that would probably be just as nice, and if you are really set on getting rid of all that money, I know a little non-profit that could use even a paint chip! When is a car not a car, when it is ridiculous!

Things in the News I just don’t get!

NX_coal_miner_shovel_frontI have found myself scratching my head a lot today over things in the news. Some of the things they print make sense like the weather. They can see clouds coming from the radar and satellite photos and so they can tell me what tomorrow is going to be like. Other things they say are just not adding up. Below is my list of top things I don’t get.

1. Global warming: A few weeks ago we had lows of minus twenty. The researchers that went down to study the ice got stuck and couldn’t even reach their destination. Al Roker on the today show has used the words Polar Vortex in every sentence since Christmas, yet politicians want to spend more and more money to fight it. How about we use that money to buy heaters for the homeless?

2. The Un-employment rate: In the same report they will say the unemployment rate has gone down and that we have fewer people in the work force than we did in the sixties. These two don’t jive unless someone is cooking the books! I know they use some useless formula to arrive at the number but let’s face it this number means nothing to anyone out of a job! They can tell me any story they want but I can look around at the people I know and tell you how unemployment is going, and so can all of us. I would like to know who is convinced these numbers are great?

3. EPA regulations: This one kind of goes with the whole global warming thing! We put more and more regulations in place for what we can do here, while countries like china pump out the pollution at 100 times the rate we do. The pictures I see show people wearing masks walking in black clouds around their cities. Does it make any sense to keep pushing to get rid of something someone else is just going to put back? Don’t get me wrong, being formerly from Southern California I have seen the effects of pollution, and I like clean air. It just reminds me of the old joke of the two guys digging, where one guy is shoveling dirt out of the hole while another is shoveling it back in, The net gain is zero, and in our case I think we can’t shovel fast enough to offset the 1.3 billion people shoveling on the other side.


Another Olympics, Another Controversy!

dancing-figure-021114-ykwv1Another Olympics, another women’s skating controversy! This is getting really old! Every Olympics no matter the country, no matter the skaters someone thinks someone got robbed! Other than the sport of boxing I don’t know of any other so riddled with speculation as to the outcome. Granted it would be hard to judge, skiing is the fastest down the course and the clock don’t lie. Even sports like half-pipe have tricks and subjective judging, how is it they don’t have the mess that figure skating does? Perhaps It is that there is more emotional attachment to the ice skaters than the skiers. People get really attached to these kids who are skating and want to see them do well. In ice dancing it is all artistry and some skating skill. You do have to stay on the skates and be able to switch back and forth, I am not a fan but I couldn’t do it. Ice skating is supposed to combine the artistry and the skill of jumping and twirling in the air. The issue for some is which is worth more points? If you can do some triple cow-cow toe loop with a triple smoothie (whatever!) but you look like a robot, is it worth more than if you have the grace of Princess Kelly? To tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less. Give me the woman’s hockey final from yesterday over all of it, I might not have liked the final outcome, but at least I am sure who won!

The Differences #344 – Office Food!

breadOffice food, and the consumption of it has some real differences to it depending on the men to women ratio in your office. Men will always have to adjust to this ratio to belong, women don’t seem to change.  For example at work sometimes extra food from meetings or gifts from vendors will be left out on the table and an email will be sent out telling everyone that it is free for the taking. Men, rush in getting a plate and filling it with all the goodies regardless of whether others are coming. It is a kind of piranha style grab all you can and run mentality. Women on the other hand will start cutting things in half and offering it to the next person who walks in trying to dole it out in the fairest way. If someone happens to bring goodies from home and walk around offering it to office mates, men will gladly take as much as they think is acceptable while women will politely tell you about why they can’t eat one or why they are trying to cut back. I know full well that if you leave it in your cube telling everyone that they can come get some, all the women will but they will wait till no one is looking. Another observations is, if men set out the food there are no plates or utensils and the food is in a gallon storage bag dropped from at lea three feet above the table. Women will have brought the good china from home!

Eat your own Dog Food!

dogfoodNotice how all the politicians who were screaming about global warming have changed the song to Global climate change? I looked up articles in the eighties and all the same people were lamenting the coming ice age. They said we needed to spend lots of money to stop it. Then when the data didn’t support their stories they switched to warming and now just to calling it change! Many of them seem to have gone into hiding including the head walrus Al Gore. Al conveniently sold off his TV holding that were in the toilet to oil barons who he claims are to blame for the whole thing so he can sit back in his giant energy sucking home and fly his energy sucking private plane around to tell everyone his story of “Man is bad, Al Gore good!” Really what does all this screaming and conniving come down to, money. If someone else besides these folks is making it they want to take it away, but if they are rolling in it don’t touch it. Wind farms are killing bats and eagles, bio fuels are causing prices to rise on corn, starving millions in poor countries. So they want us all to ride bicycles except they need to have limo’s deliver them because of how important they are. Until I see these so-called leaders living in mud huts and riding to the capitol on a recycled bicycle, I am unwilling to eat that dog food!

Stupid is as Stupid Does!

snakeWhen you were a kid, did you ever hear the saying “If you play with a bull you will get the horns?” How about getting bit if you played with snakes? I did and they have stuck in my mind as good lessons to remember. It is obvious to me that some people never heard these sayings and so didn’t realize the consequences of their actions. For example the snake charming pastor who died this week from…. You guessed it a snake bite! Like people who run with the bulls you got to know that the odds are not in your favor when it comes to longevity. There are outcomes of risky behavior which should not be surprising, yet time and time again I see people on the evening news baffled at what happened when they engaged in said behavior. Usually there is a guy without a shirt on talking to the reporting telling them how surprised he is that the gas can blew up, the propane tank exploded or that the car flew through the house or place of business. When I see these stories I usually wait to hear these lines as well. “Police are investigating whether drugs and alcohol are involved”. It is not always, but when it comes to stupid, drugs and alcohol usually compound the effect!

Sochi more like Jersey Shore!

kid-skiingIf you have watched any of the Olympic coverage so far you may have seen some of the horrible interviews with the athletes. The coverage usually begins with a story about their mom, dad, brother or family member which is their inspiration then they show the completion and if they win a medal the interviewer asks about the person the setup story told you about. The interview last night with downhill skier Body Miller was just about as horrible an interview as I have seen. Clearly he was already in a somber mood through the event you could see it, then repeatedly the interviewer poked at Body about his brother, who had passed this last year. He had tears in his eyes from the first question but over and over she asked him for more until the guy put his head in his hands to escape her questioning. These Olympics more than any others have been all about the back stories. Maybe it is because there haven’t been as many spectacular moments. I know the snow has been terrible and the warm weather has made things harder for the athletes, but NBC has to figure out how to do a better job of covering the events as sports and less like an episode of Jersey shore!

Valentine’s Day!

heartValentine’s Day! A plot by the candy and flower industry to make people crazy! Restaurants will be full of people trying to impress each other with how much money they can throw away on a single plate of food. In Georgia a sheriff declared that Valentine ’s Day was suspended this year due to the snow. He said it was too dangerous to go out and get all the usual accoutrements so stay home. I like this guy, practical, who says we have to celebrate on this one day? Why don’t we get together with our spouses and decide what day works for both of you and put it on the calendar as your own special day. The flowers will be cheaper that day, and more available. The candies won’t be so picked through as well as greeting cards will have more variety. This appeals to the cheapskate in me but I know this will never catch on. If it weren’t for the peer pressure some guys would never buy their wives anything but an oil change!