Corporate souls!

So the Supreme Court just ruled that privately held corporations can have a heart and a soul. That is good. What ever you think of the ruling companies, like people reflect a kind of persona, either good or bad. We should be encouraging to do and be good corporate citizens. Some people hate all companies except the ones they believe responsible, which usually means they give money to whichever cause they think is important. In this day and age you see most companies with any kind of marketing  doing more to say they care about people of cats or even the environment. Those causes are popular and so they give money to plant trees or send their employees out to pickup trash as a PR move. But if it is unpopular like abortion or traditional families you will see many out complaining or telling everyone to boycott them. I applaud any company that actually cares about an issue enough to fight for it. This shows me that they are more than the money they make and isn’t that what everyone wants them to be?

Monarchy, smarnarchy!

crownWhy do most of the European nations still have monarchs? I mean really, these countries are mostly socialist or some other ist and it hasn’t been monarchist for hundreds of years. They trot these folks out when it is time to ruin a sporting event or when they are in need of a good parade. Every time they announce one of them is getting married the gossip sites and news are doing twenty-four hour coverage of the just the dress. Who Cares? These people haven’t done anything useful since they stopped putting head on pikes. I want to know why they still pay these people, if you really are a government for equality wouldn’t you send these free loaders packing? Instead I will be forced to listen to the back story of how this privileged golden spoon sucking clown got his millions the old fashion way. His great-great-great grandfather killed someone else for it.

Things that make you go, um!

30-1013tm-cart-business3I am not a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes it seems the clouds align a little to perfect for it to be just a coincident. Like the entire network at work going out the morning before the US versus Germany soccer game. For another example how about the highway being paved the night of a large sporting event. Like the New Jersey bridge thing I think more of these things are planned than we would care to know about. My favorite was the announcement of an investigation into voter fraud the day the warehouse where they stored all the voting machines burned to the ground. Way too many things lined up for that one. Thank God it wasn’t my state but for those who live there, I hope they can still find a way to get the truth. Until they do I see a lot of chin rubbing about that one.

I hate that life is like a box of chocolates!

How is it people who pick the winners in a football pool by the color of the team jersey are right more often than the guy who knows the game and does research? It seems the same sometimes with life, some people can make their choices by shaking a magic eight ball and it all works out for them, while others are studious and always pick the wrong road. It is the destiny verses arbitrary nature of life that baffles me. If I knew that my destiny was to be right where I am today would I have done all the things I have done to get here? Or If I sat back on my couch and played video games would the same things have happened? Does anything we do have any effect on the final outcome? I heard a preacher say once that God has predestined some but we don’t know whom. He said it would be so much easier if God had put a big S-shaped birthmark on them so we would know who to evangelize and who to leave alone. So instead we preach to everyone not knowing the outcome. It seems life is the same way, We keep trying and scratching for what we think is our destiny never really knowing what will eventually get us to the place where God wants us.

Try making a movie we will like.

liteicon_media_movieIt is not very often that I agree with any official statement from the Fruity Tootie land of North Korea. This is one of the last places on earth that lives in a constant fairytale of officially released dream world decrees. The dictator is a “god” and doesn’t have to use the restroom, oh and by the way can kill anyone on any day just for sport. They are not happy with a movie coming out which has the CIA plotting with reporters to kill the chief wakadoodle Kim jug of doom! They say Hollywood isn’t creating very good movies these days, which is where my agreement with them stops. I agree a lot of movies coming out these days are garbage but not because they are writing and producing comedies which have such amazing plots like the above mentioned movie, there have always been movies which didn’t have a plot or have a weak one. No Hollywood is going in two directions which are crushing any hope of making a reasonable movie. Everything is either a mega movie with stars and CGI which make the movie cost so much to make they will be lucky to turn a profit and the social statement movie which tries to tell the majority of movie goers that they are wrong to believe something is wrong. The blockbuster is a crapshoot the other is just a looser. Until they figure that out they will keep turning out the same old garbage.

Difference #1652 “Wedding games”

62-1013tm-cart-moreI know I have written on the differences between men and women before but yesterday during a conversation with a member of the fairer sex (yes I said it) I realized another, which is in need of mentioning. When it comes to picking out what to wear to a wedding we can not be farther apart on how we choose. It is especially noticeable if they are part of the wedding party. Men get fitted for a tux, they go to which ever shop they are told to go to and get measured for the suit they will wear, they might even tell the person doing the measuring to leave a little room because they are planning on being heavier at the time of the event. Woman on the other hand will buy a dress that is three or four times smaller than their current size and then proceed to starve and exercise themselves until they are in panic mode because the event draws near and they are not able to get into the dress. Men are just unwilling to put in that much work for a one-day event even if it is a big one! I know you woman want to look your best and we do appreciate your efforts in this area, I just hope you don’t have high expectations of us recognizing the effort, we are after all men.

Go hack someone your own size!

macI know a lot of people who have websites. Most of them are small non-profits or personal blogs which are not the high traffic monster sites like Amazon or Google. These sites don’t get a lot of traffic and most are just trying to help people. Yet almost all of them have had their websites hacked. I do not understand what they are hoping to gain by taking over the little ministry site. I know that sometimes it is just a learning thing for the hacker. They want to figure out how to get into sites so they pick a small one. You don’t learn how to catch a big fish by first attacking a whale but I think there is a special place in Hell for these people. You are hurting people who are doing good for humanity. Why don’t you go and attack a porn site. At least then you wont be messing with good people. The reason they wont do that is they know if they do, those guys will hunt them down and do bad things to them!

I love free stuff!

Stack Of Books Representing University Learning And EducationI love free stuff! I work at a place that creates tons of resources for event. These event happen and then if there is anything left over they put it on a shelf until they get tired of seeing the boxes and then they put it out for free! Sometimes it is books or DVDs other times it is tee shirts and posters. Sometimes they have the date of the event or the year they may be old but something inside of me wants me to get one. Or even two if they let me.  So what do I do with the things I pickup, put them on the shelf at my house till I put them in a box and then up to the attic. Why? Even if I don’t need them I can’t help myself, it’s free! What if I didn’t pick them up, I might need them. I am not to the hoarder stage yet but if they do a warehouse clear-out I think I might have to enlarge my attic or get a storage unit to store my new stuff!

I like rooting for the underdog!

basketball-texture-92313-62I am not saying Lebron James is a bad guy. But something about the Heat makes me think of them as the bad guys. The Spurs on the other hand always come across as the good guys. The biggest star they have is a quite unassuming guy who has played for the same team for seventeen years. I never hear about him in the news for bad behavior like many others. The whole team comes across as regular guys who work really hard, no flash, no glitter. I like that, it isn’t that the Heat are full of jerks they just get so much press that I can’t help but wish they lose. Don’t we all love the stories of the little guy battling to win over the big guy? Most of this is of course just the press. Tim Duncan and his teammates probably do stupid stuff and get into trouble as well. Maybe it is that they live in a smaller town than the Heat so we don’t hear about it. What ever it is it doesn’t matter, every time they are in the playoffs I want them to win. They have five championships and I still see them as the underdogs, I like rooting for the little guy even if he is seven-foot!

Give me real snacks!

happy-sweet-potato-92313-501So I was still hungry after I finished my lunch today. The options were to go floor to floor looking for the department which just celebrated something and plopped the leftovers in one of the break rooms or go see what struck my fancy in the vending machine. The choices are slim and kind of pricey. Several of the choices have a sticker which marks them as “Fit Picks”. I noticed the fit picks are the ones which have the least taste or appeal, but mostly they are the ones with a few fewer calories. But really the Sun Chips are 20 calories less than the potato skins, the popcorn is only 10 less than the jalapeño deep-fried chips, and I don’t want to know who is eating the cans of tuna salad. “Fit Picks” is really a way to get me to buy them over guilt not because I like them, I am also fond of opening the bag to find out that they are fewer calories because they are less quantity. This is going to cause me to troll the break rooms since I will be hungry again in a few minutes.