In government we trust?

nx_baboon_maleWhy is it every time we have a crisis in this country our government looks like a bunch of baboons climbing over each other to get to a piece of fruit? Is it our expectations? Is it the media? I do think that the press ask the stupidest questions, ones like “Can the government be curtain there won’t be any more Ebola out breaks?” I guess I don’t expect them to manage a crisis I expect them to offer assistance and resources to the local officials who should be running it. Instead we hire an outbreak czar who probably has no knowledge or skills in the area, to do what, photo ops? If this is meant to reassure me my government is competent, it is actually doing the opposite. We would do better to grab the doctor who just recovered from having it and putting him in charge of helping everyone else. I see him as probably the most knowledgeable and definitely the most motivated to see it not spread, because he knows just what it can do.

Remove yourself from Clown town!

101-1013tm-charI know I have mentioned that I don’t like clowns. Not just because of the makeup or the lack of hygiene, they just creep me out. Now comes a story that clowns are roaming the streets of one California town late at night and nobody knows why. I personally don’t care why but if I lived in this town I would already have the u-Haul packed and have given the real estate agent where to send the check. It of course would be a P.O. Box in a random town where I would not be living to not leave the clowns a forwarding address. I don’t need to find out why clowns are roaming the streets, I just need to get as far away from where they are. If there are people in your town which are dressing up as clowns and wandering around late at night, even if they are your elected clowns, I say it is time to choose another place to live.

Here is the story:

Maybe I need to learn Gibberish?

Do You Speak English Sign Showing Language LearningI sat in a meeting today in which I could swear, the people leading the meeting were not speaking English. It seemed more like gibberish or maybe Klingon, it was after all an IT meeting. It wasn’t that the technology they were speaking about was hard to understand. It wasn’t that the meeting was about being compliant with a technology security standard. No it was that everyone had to have something to say and was doing their best to make sure whatever area they were responsible for wasn’t getting picked on as a weakness. A few puffed up like a peacock, some tried to baffle with ….. While I was there representing my area the best thing I did in that meeting was to sit quietly and get other work done. When I give my update to my boss who couldn’t attend, I am not sure what I will tell him. I just have a hard time translating it into English.

Busy, busy, dreadfully busy!

marathon_runner_front_run_bgWhen you get busy, some things just have to go! Watching hours of TV or reading books gets dumped. Perhaps even updating your blog can’t happen as often. There are some benefits, the day goes by faster which doesn’t mean everything got done, it just means you have no idea where all those hours went. The other benefit is your heart usually is getting some extra beats in there. The hardest part is figuring out what is worth your time and what can wait. All those books about highly successful people probably have great things to say on how to organize my day and what things I should prioritize and make the most important. The problem is I have no time to read them.

I am glad to care for something.

166-1013tm-cart-posesHave you ever thought about what makes us care about certain things? Some areas which are noble and good, I just can’t seem to get much empathy or energy up to help do something about. Other areas I have spent years and dollars to try to change. Why is that? Some can be explained by the events in my life, I care because they have happened to me or a family member and I want to make sure that those things don’t happen to others. Some things are just in me, I care because they affect me in a way that is beyond my experience or connects. They are the way God wired me. All of these make me want to make a difference, but figuring out how to go about making that difference is where I am struggling right now. I can’t fix them all, I can support and work with those who are doing something in some areas, in others I have chosen to go out to try and make a difference. These things are what get me out of bed every morning, which drive me, frustrate me, confuse me, but they make every day worth getting up for. Along with my family even when they are frustrating me, I am glad to have them. To not care about anything would to me, be far worse!