The fun of Management.

Manage Definition Magnifier Showing Leadership Management And SupervisionI like being a manager of people. I enjoy working with my team and seeing them succeed. Even when people leave, if they are going on to a better job or to something they want to do, I am happy for them. I like being able to make a difference in how we get things done. Those are the fun times of being a manager, the bad times are when you have to deliver bad news or correction to someone who you work with. Those times just plain suck! Even telling someone who isn’t a very good worker they need to shape up comes with stomach pains and it is even worse when you have to give good people bad news. You hear about companies who hire hatchet men or women to come in a clean house. I don’t know how those people can sleep at night. It must require heavy sedation or lots of alcohol to put your head on the pillow and not hear the ringing pangs of guilt in your ears to have that job. I am sure that many of them justify what they do and see it as a necessary service. Whatever the reason they make up, I can’t imagine ever being someone who does that for a living. I like the fact that when my head hits the pillow at night I can smile about my day instead of dreading reliving it. Or maybe that is my way of justifying myself.

Ok, so we made it legal!

patricks-day_110001250-012814-intMost people can’t remember who represents them in congress or even what they ate for dinner last night, but they can remember that my state, Colorado has made marijuana legal. I can call tech support that is located in another country and they mention it. I would like to help those of you who don’t live here and maybe a few who do to set the record straight. First, we don’t all walk around stoned. Those who smoked pot before it was legal still have their minimum wage jobs handing out cigarettes from behind the counter at seven-eleven. The unmotivated remain the same so not much has changed in that regard. Second employers can still test for drugs so only the stupid are going to risk getting fired for the high. I don’t know why everyone thinks that making it legal was because everyone wanted to smoke it. I bet if you took a poll most would say they voted yes for the money, and the money is big. Millions of dollars are in our state coffer now thanks to all the stoners who live and visit here. Other than the families moving here to help their children who have epilepsy there has really been little reason other than cash to make this legal. I don’t want to smoke it, I don’t plan on changing my views of it, Just think of it as the new Powerball lottery.

Welcome to some Friday rant!

lips-vector_XJVqgGSomehow this week on Facebook some stupid challenge to make your lips bigger is showing up in posts. I would like to ask all who are liking this or even sending around comments of how dumb this is to stop. I don’t care, not only do I not care, I loath this topic. There is an old saying that there is no bad press, so just send it around with negative comments is giving this more attention than it should get. People around the world are being killed, children are starving and our country is going to hell in a hand basket and all we can talk about is big lips or silicone injections. Let’s all agree to stop posting, liking or re-posting this stuff and start paying attention to the things that really matter. I know this is a little heavy for a Friday but it has been a long week for me and I just wanted to let off a little steam. Now I feel better, thanks.

What happened to the Old Delhi?

Businesses should never use the word “new” in their name. Across the street from work is the New Panda restaurant. They have been there for at least five years. At what point are they no longer new? There was even a radio station who called themselves the new whatever for a few years. At some point that becomes irritating to hear them say they are new. If I opened a restaurant and called it “New Bob’s” folks would wonder if I had a previous restaurant that failed or is in another location. Everything with new in the name eventually get the old dad joke status “Shouldn’t they change their name by now?”  I can see use north or south in the name if you have multiple locations, which would be OK until you have a string of them across the US then you would have to drop all the location. I know the Hard Rock cafe does it but could you imagine McDonald’s putting location and city on each of the 14,267 different locations? I will meet you and the north-northwest, central Dallas McDonald’s for lunch on Thursday, yeah that makes sense! In my view new is not for use in the title only for information about the establishment. All the talk of new and food is making me hungry, I think I will go to my local “New” yogurt shop and get a snack.

Office etiquette questions.

stop-lite-computer-icon_zkvZupUOI am a guy, so some of the finer points of etiquette escape me. Thing I see others doing around the office sometimes seem fine and others make me wince. Below is a few things I find to be borderline, maybe someone can help me know whether I should steer clear of these?
1. Cutting your finger nails at your desk. I just heard one of my cube neighbors snipping away, I had heard this was a no-no. I remember finding clipping in a cube after someone had left the company and everyone thought that was gross.
2. Eating fish for lunch. Especially if you use the microwave to warm it up. Fish just doesn’t smell good in the office air. Most people hate you for doing microwave popcorn but that is because it makes them hungry fish just stinks.
3. Walking around with your shoes off. Women seem to be able to get away with this while men are looked at like pariah. Women will tell you that the shoes they wore are killing their feet, this is supposed to make it OK. If I told my co-workers the shoes I wore hurt my feet they would either laugh at me or state the obvious, get better shoes. Maybe it is just the price of being a man, sensible shoes must be our curse!

A viral video idea!

baby-glyph-icon_zktjn3IuSo I had some time to kill while waiting on someone for lunch. I decided to walk into the Apple Store and browse. I did glance at the watches as I walked by but stopped and was stunned at the various devices you can get to connect to your iPhone. A light bulb which can change colors which is controlled by your phone. A heart rate monitor and blood pressure cup which will send all the data to your phone so you can track it, door locks and scales just to name a few. My absolute favorite was the thermometer. Not an outside temperature kind but a, find out how sick your kid is thermometer. Maybe it is just my weird brain but, I smiled and remembered the time when one of my children was very little and they had a diaper explosion all over me. I imagined I was using the iPhone connected thermometer and just what would have happened to my phone. I don’t know if that device is a big seller but I would suggest to anyone who is going to use it to also turn on the video at the same time. If anything goes wrong you will have a viral video to post like no other.

Sports is as Sports does!

sport_10037416-033114When are professional sports and even colleges going to recognize that character matters? Time and time again some player with amazing talent comes up in the college ranks he usually plays for some big name school who is willing to look the other way when it comes to his personal life. Then guess what happens, they do something so stupid they embarrass those who hired them or even worse they commit some major crime! Then surprise, it comes out that this “athlete” has been doing stupid things all along but this one is so big they can’t cover it up. Even if they are able to not screw up during their career look at what happens to them after sports and you find they have no clue how to manage life so they end up broke. We have to start making who they are as a person as important as their ability on the field or the sports we love are going to be dragged down with them.

To tattoo or not?

i-love-mom-retro-tattoo-vector-illustration_Gyn1SAduHave you noticed that people are getting tattoos much more than in the past? And not just little ones, some are all body things while others are small and colorful. I have thought about getting over my giant fears of all things needles and getting something small. When I brought this up around the dinner table my eighteen year old daughter just day no, with a face that said, you are too old and uncool for that! It got me wondering, is there an age limit for tattoos? If I walk into a shop are they going to look at me and tell me to leave due to my lake of coolness? If I am too whatever to get a tattoo I am wondering about the guy I saw who had the “all over his face” tattoo that said, I will never work anywhere other than behind this seven-eleven counter where I now stand. How is that cool? On Facebook the other day I saw a link to a bunch of pictures of folks with either really stupid tattoos or major misspelled ones, how are they too cool? If I can’t get a little something small and personal, that isn’t a tramp stamp or a face plant catastrophe, I think the wrong people are keeping track of what is cool!

Let’s call dumb, dumb!

cal-0814-cl2-espionage-01Pre-orders for the Apple watch started this morning at 12:01am. This morning on the news they reported people were upset that the $12,000 version they ordered said the estimated delivery date was sometime in August. This is what my friends and I would call a first world problem. That is that people in countries where they don’t even have food to eat are not complaining that the watch, which costs more than they will make in a lifetime, is not shipping by drone for mid-morning delivery today! We have lost all ability to put things in perspective or what some would call common sense. I could blame the twenty-four hour news or special interest groups who blow issues out of proportion for ratings or attention, but really this is all of our faults. We need to get back to calling things that are dumb, dumb. When our children do something wrong at school we have to tell them instead of attacking the school. When the drive-thru forgets the cheese on our burger we can be annoyed, but calling 911 or shooting at the pimple faced teenager running the window is just dumb! Let’s get back to understanding what is really important and stop acting like spoiled children before dumb becomes the norm.

Stupid is as stupid does!

mayaYesterday the Post Office showed off its latest stamp. It was a tribute to Maya Angelou, it had her picture along with a quote. The problem was the quote was not from her. They had put someone else’s words on the stamp. Collectively we should all now slap our forehead with the palm of our hands. Why do we even wonder how this happens, this is a perfect example of our current government and all its branches. I know the Post Office is only semi-connected but they are controlled by the same band of goofballs. I am not talking one person or party here, they are all collapsing under the weight of the collective stupidity. Between emails, websites and leaked documents most of these folks should now be in prison, but instead they get re-elected to their fifteenth term and get to go on cooking the books like a Teflon frying pan. I do not want to complain here without also offering a solution so here is my best shot at a fix. Let’s not allow any new laws for the next few years and make the whole government figure out how to enforce the ones already on the books, and if they can’t enforce it then remove it.