Bon Appetit!

cook-chef-baker-walking-serving-food-platter-retro_fy3dMwI_There are certain foods, mostly ones from my youth, which produce a violent reaction in my brain. It most likely is not how they taste, some of them I have never eaten. Some trigger memories of events I would rather not remember. Pig’s feet for example, reminds me of walking into my grandmother’s kitchen to see her and my mom chewing on pig’s feet. To my impressionable mind it looked like a scene out of a horror movie. They must have seen the shock on my face because my mother asked me what I was doing. My only reply was to walk backwards slowly out of the room, fearing they would attack me if I was to turn around. Another one, brings me back to my brother’s birthdays. Mom allowed us to choose our dinner on our birthdays and my brother chose cabbage and wieners. This un-holy gathering of hot dogs and cabbage boiled in a tomato sauce would annually bring me to tears. I don’t know where my mother picked up this recipe but I think it is a staple of Satan’s kitchen. IF Satan were to release a cookbook, a bowl of this pungent stuff would be on the cover! I love my brother but I have no idea what made him like this stuff. It makes me question his sanity. Perhaps one day I will realize it is one of those acquired taste things like squid or kale. Or perhaps it and pickled pigs feet will be in my nightmares till the day I die!

Windows 10, don’t ask!

windows_10_wallpaper_rainy_daySo today is the official release of Windows 10. Are you thinking about upgrading? Did it popup on the corner of your screen asking you if you wanted to? Let me give you some free advice, don’t do it! I work with computers every day, it is my job to test these things. Let a few of us who have to for our jobs test it out first before you find out it doesn’t work for you. Too many times a new Operating System, doesn’t matter Mac or PC, comes out and the first release has some bug or a few applications it won’t work with. Do you want to be the one who figures that out? Or do you want to wait a few weeks for all the bleeding edge geeks to figure it out for you? Find yourself a few tech sites you like and trust and wait for them to test it and report the issues back. I can tell you that the 1000 computers or so that I support will not be going to it until they release a Service pack 1 version. I will tell you that corporate IT departments are eager to change to Windows 10. We have to test every app the business uses before we can, and knowing how old many of the apps we use are there will be a few that will not work. So if you work in a large organization, don’t ask them when they are going to upgrade until this time next year!

The little engine that could?

engineWhen I was much younger I had messed up the engine in my little Datsun. I decided I would work on it myself. I took it all apart had work done on the head and then attempted to put it all back together. It didn’t go well! When I was done it was a mess, when I took it to the mechanic to he laughed and told me he had never seen an engine leak from so many places. This is the back drop for my attempt to tear apart my jeep’s engine. I am good at the breaking it apart, it is the putting back together that is the scary part. I have a garage full of parts which only fit together one way, I take that back. They could go together in any number of ways, but only one if I want it to ever run again. My kids think I should tow it to the junk yard, my wife has that look of, you sure? Whatever the case, I have taken the challenge, it is in parts and when all the new stuff arrives, I will begin the process of putting it back together. I will either report back my success or you will never hear about that jeep again.

A little more please!

Close up of a money puzzle

Close up of a money puzzle

Today it was time for my annual trip to the DMV. Since I have a diesel truck I am still required by the state to get it smogged every year. What fun I get to have keeping the smog reader company in business. As I sat in the waiting room it seemed that they rolled a truck through there every ten minutes and charged each of us fifty dollars. That is three hundred dollars and hour and I know they are busy all day every day because I had to schedule the appointment and it took a week for them to have an opening for me. Then I get to go to the DMV where I get the privilege of spending another one hundred and fifty dollars to register a fifteen year old truck. I again am not the only one in line so if I tried to do the math figuring an average cost per person I would say that the state is also not hurting in the dollars category. What I can’t figure out is how to get into this business. Someone is making a ton of money and it is definitely not me. Look. I am not trying to be filthy rich I just would like to be comfortable and by comfortable the meaning is always, no matter how much you have, it is a little more.

The comb over of America!

long haired guinea pigIt is really early in the presidential race so I am going to cut the media some slack, but really, is this how you are going to cover the next year and a half? Running to each sound bite from every crazy half-wit is going to get old really quick. My favorite part is the early polls where they must run to the local 7-11 to get poll numbers that show the worst possible candidates are in the lead. I wasn’t born for the Kennedy election and I don’t remember Nixon but did the news cover those in the way it covers today? I don’t remember all this garbage when Reagan ran? One candidate says he wants to take 90% of all the wealth and have the government redistribute it. The other can’t stop talking about himself long enough to look in the mirror and see that his hair is miss-aligned. We have real problems that need serious people who are going to work to fix them not cartoon characters! I think it is time to set a time limit as to how long a campaign can go on. They should not be able to start till January of the election year, that way less money will be spent and less the news coverage can drum up controversy to make the evening news with. All this is doing is making the process seem like a joke, perhaps that is why we have ended up with elected officials that seem like clowns!

I’m only lying to myself!

medical-needle-elements-glossy-icon_MyoK63IOSo for the past ten years I have dealt with my shoulders. They hurt all the time it is just at different levels. When they get really bad I go to the doctor. In years past they would shoot them up with wonderful drugs and tell me I should go to therapy. I would say I would but never schedule the sessions. This worked well since it was only about every four years I had to go see them. However this time the doctor would only shoot up one of my shoulders and told me to go do therapy. So I schedule an appointment and went to a session. The therapist gave me exercises to do three times a day at my desk and some I should do once a day. Today is my first follow-up appointment and I know he is going to ask me if I did the exercises, and just like when the dentist asks me if I have flossed I have a dilemma. Do I lie to him or tell him the truth? It isn’t like I never did them, I did it the first two days and then again this morning since I knew I was going to see him today. I just couldn’t get to them every day. Just like the dentist though, I am sure he can tell if I did or didn’t do them. I will probably use the same line I use on the hygienist. “Would you like a lie or the truth?” because let’s face it, I am fooling no one. To tell them that I have is just lying to me and if I want to actually get my shoulders to stop hurting, I probably need to do the work.

Fun with cars and Mechanics!

side-view-jeep-vector-shape_7kXnmfMan, I hate when cars fail! I drive a 1990 Jeep so when it went south, it really went down hard. The question is what to do? Do I spend the money to get it fixed or do I throw it away and get something newer? I am not talking new, I am talking newer, which means it could have problems as well. I know the problems my jeep has now and so there should be no more surprises. The question is always a hard one to decide. If I do repair it, it will be like I have a new car, except for all the other things that come with 25 years of wear and tear. On the other hand if I go get a used car I could be getting someone else’s problems. What to do? Of course I don’t have the money to do either but that isn’t really the point right now. The main problem is where to put the money I don’t have. The other issue is about trusting the mechanic. The guy I usually use is so busy I took it to someone else. The first repair I do with this shop and they tell me my car is toast. That makes me feel a little uneasy. So now I am calling around trying to find someone who can do the repairs for cheaper or deciding it isn’t worth it and going car shopping. My other least favorite thing.

Number two doesn’t always mean the same thing!

Scissors And Comb For A HairdresserUsually my wife cuts my hair. It isn’t that complicated she just puts the number two guide on the clipper and keeps running it back and forth till it is all the same length. Other than a little cleanup around the ears and back that is it. I have gotten used to it at that length since I am no longer the rocker want to be of my youth and since I have a full head of hair I have not had to shave it. Yesterday I was noticing that it was long past when I should have gotten a haircut and my wife was out-of-state so I decided to go to the local cheapo-cuts to get it taken care of. You would think that I could get a discount for how quick and easy it is to do mine but that is a different story. When my time came I sat it the chair and the stylist asked what I wanted. I explained that my wife usually does, she nodded in an understanding way grabbed her clippers and began to attack. The first swipe to my hair was right down the middle, and I noticed something immediately, her number two guide was way shorter than the one my wife uses. Now at that point I could have said something like, wow that is really short, but what could have been done? With a racing stripe of super short down the middle of my steel wool fro, there was no option but to let her finish. Today I feel bald and I know if the sun comes out I better wear a hat. It isn’t that it looks bad, it is that it is not what I am use to. The good news is my hair grows really fast so the fro will be back in no time. And if anyone else cuts my hair, I will explain a little better what number two means to me.

The New Fireworks PSA!

4th-of-july-fireworks-exploding-firecrackers-vector_Gkf8kAOdWell, like every week after the 4th of July reports of people blowing their hands and even their heads off are coming in. Every year the week before, the morning news shows have a little demonstration of what not to do with fireworks and every week afterwards we have news stories of people who don’t watch the news but are now a part of it. I heard rumor that the mother of the young man who blew up his head is going to take legal action because of what happened. I heard her on the news say someone should have given some instruction on what not to do with the fireworks. I figure all the commercials for fireworks now on will have to sound like the ones for prescription drug.
Side effects may include, death, dismemberment, and of course severe burns. Don’t use alcohol with fireworks as this may lead to impaired judgement like firing them off of your head or in your hands or other openings in your body. If you do fire them off and something goes wrong seek immediate medical help as some of these stupid tricks could be life threatening. Avoid using the term “watch this” while lighting fireworks and speak to your wife or mother to see if fireworks are right for you.

Not everyone gets to win!

sports-trophy-lite-sports-icon_My8rKp8OHow do you feel about participation trophies? While I was coaching the super little kids at the YMCA we were not supposed to keep score and everyone got an award when we got done. I did really have a problem with it for the super little kids but I did notice something. We didn’t keep the score but the kids did. And after the games they made sure everyone knew if they won. As they get to grade school age I think it is ridiculous to think that the kids can’t handle the concept of winners and losers. You might as well get them use to it because once they are older it will be a reality which they need to learn. I run these races around town and everyone who finishes gets a medal. Maybe that is different because I at least have to run the whole course to get one. I don’t really care about those, the thing I like the best is the shirt so I can wear it so others can see I ran that race. I won’t win so I won’t get any money or a really trophy and I am really ok with that. I hope that the next generation doesn’t grow up expecting trophies for everything they do, thanks to our everyone is a winner sports leagues. That will make it really hard to set realistic expectations for any future employer or marriage partner.