The circle of shopping life!

dishsoap-liquid_zyvDIvYdLadies, I have to ask. Are you buying this crud? The commercials for soap and lotion and even underwear for woman are ridiculous! Would you use dish soap on your skin, one asks? It is, after all, soap so probably? Oh no, you have to use their product. Would you go out in public wearing plain old underwear when you can have ones that hold a gallon of water, and no one will notice? What about super models, you are all six foot six inches tall and walk around all day in next to nothing, right? This is what passes for marketing these days, make sure you feel like you are doing something wrong unless you do it the way they say everyone is doing it. Don’t forget hair care products as well, you must be changing your hair color and shampoo over to what the twenty-something is selling. I say selling because there is no way this millionaire is using something off the shelf. She is probably washing her hair in unicorn tears which none of the things she is pushing contain. No, what she is selling you is dish soap in a fancy bottle and making enough from that to feed many small nations. But instead of feeding said nations she is blowing that money on more expensive hair care products and fancy underwear. It’s a circle of life kind of thing!

I can’t get no!

satisfaction-stamp_zJX-Kv_OI don’t get to work on computers or much technical stuff anymore. When you become a manager you are stuck in meetings and solving problems along with doing reports and presentations. These don’t give me the kind of satisfaction tearing something apart and putting it back together again does. So maybe that is why I am spending so much time working on my car, that and it is a 1990 so it needs a lot of work. There is just something about starting up a car you just worked on and seeing your repairs are successful! There is also something very disheartening about the repair not working. I bet in the days when most people built things or grew things, the satisfaction level of most people was higher. I think that the more we get away from actually building, fixing and growing things the less satisfied we are with our day. Perhaps this is why the number of people on medication for sleep and depression has gone through the roof. It could also be bigger, that a complete denial of God and a rejection of his ways is causing it, but I think unless it changes soon we are in for some really rough times ahead!

A little rant about America!

american-flag_GJDJ-ywu_LSorry, but today is going to be a giant rant! We are failing our children who are going to college. I have no idea what they are being taught but it isn’t truth or even facts. They are learning to hate our way of life and our country. They may not be directly being taught these things but they certainly are not teaching them facts about the world. I watched a video of someone trying to explain socialism. This student had no idea what it is, and what is worse could not tell you where the attempts at this type of governing has ever worked! The Soviet Union, failed. Venezuela, Failed. I am not saying our system of government is perfect, hell we are not even following it anymore. To me, that is most of our problems now, but this is what I know. If I look around the world I see no other country with the freedom and choices we get to have, and if the college professors out there want to rag on it, I suggest they go find a different country to go teach their hatred to!

Cures for the common cold!

Girl Warming Herself With A Cup Of CoffeeI don’t know if this happens to you, but every time I tell someone I feel like I am getting sick they tell me how to get well quick. They will tell you things like, first to pound 20,000mg of vitamin C, then eat honey with pink Himalayan salt and zinc. Others will tell you to hang a branch of Eucalyptus in your shower and turn the water up as hot as you can. Others swear by doing a sinus flush. All of these come with the comments about how they have not been sick in years because they do all this. The problem is millions are sick every year so if all of these home remedies are working why have we not cured the common cold. ¬†All of these are as effective as washing your hands and not getting sneezed on by sick people. I also say the same thing about the flu shot, Every year after flu season you will see a story on the local news that says how the shots were not as effective because they guessed wrong on which flu’s would be going around. The flu shot is basically doctors trying to guess which bugs will be passed around and then injecting us with them so we have built up antibodies in our systems. It is a crap shoot, that and it is the delivery system for the government tracking device. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist or anything.

Apple versus the FBI.

FBIHave you been following the Apple versus¬†the FBI story in the news? This is a very interesting fight which has points on both sides which are valid. The FBI wants Apple to break into the iPhone of the San Bernadino terrorist. Apple says that if they do it will create tools that can be used by hackers and other countries to break into everyone’s phone. If you look a social media you see people on either side making good points, and of course, the random crazies who hate everything and everyone. I look at my iPhone and I say what if they broke in? Yes, my credit cards might be compromised but other than pictures of my family, animals and random shots of us on vacation the only thing they would get is how many calories I burned and how many steps I took today. That isn’t to say that our security isn’t important, foreign governments and bad people are really good at making mischief. I don’t want them getting into our governments secrets even if our government officials are too stupid to properly secure it. The FBI want to stop something like that from ever happening again, Apple wants to make sure that things that need to be secure really are. Both have a valid argument, both are willing and have the money to fight this one out for a long time. So don’t expect this to be solved anytime soon.

Grumpy Valentines day to you too!

love_110004730-012814-intI would like to thank Hallmark cards and florists and chocolatiers for the one day a year where men get to feel the most inadequate. It never seems to be the right card, standing in front of the massive selection trying to find a card that “just right” one that is not the same as the one you gave her last year. Especially if you are married, the flowers have to look expensive but not too expensive as to break the family budget and the candy must say I love you but not overdo it to the point where it gets you into a conversation about any ones diet. Yes, it is a veritable land mine of a day for men all over the world. One I am glad is over for another year. I am lucky, as are some of you guys out there that my wife doesn’t have high expectations for the day. That is either that I have done such a poor job of it in the past so she knows not to expect much of me, or she gets that I love her all year long and she doesn’t need a fake day from Hallmark to know that. I would like to think it is the latter.

The NFL’s Superbowl problem!

football-single_GyLw7kwu_LI think the NFL has a problem on its hands. IF you have been on facebook over the past week, you have probably seen that most of the chatter is about the commercials and the love-hate fest over the half-time show. Yes, the quarterbacks have had a few moments, but most of it has been about everything other than the game. They have created a monster! The commercials are critiqued as thou it is the Emmys. The after interviews are shown on every channel, and the musical acts are rated and berated for class or lack thereof. What about the game? They could just put on a show of commercials with a music act in the middle and I bet they could generate the same buzz on social media. It is obvious the Superbowl has become bigger than the game, and that has to make the NFL nervous. The more it becomes about those other things the less likely it will be that they will need the game to take up time between commercials.

Animals and others that are baffling!

pet-tabby-cat_MkC1Uw_dIf you have any kind of animal for a pet you know that sometimes you just can’t figure what the heck they are doing. For example, why would a cat go to the bathroom right outside the litter box? Are they sending me a message? Maybe they are not fans of the litter brand or maybe they are upset that I am at work all day? Our miniature horse only poops in one spot, then as some weird king of the hill thing stands on top of the mountain of poop she has created. And by mountain, I mean a small hill. Maybe it is warm or maybe she is just nuts. The horse also has to grab all the grass I put in the nice feeding rack and toss it on the ground before she eats it. Does she like a little dirt on the grass? Is she not fond of the nice rack that keeps it clean and dry? This and other things like my dog having to randomly bark while sleeping are just baffling to me. It’s like animals are a bit touched in the head. Of course, I also know some people who have the same random habits and crazy mannerisms. I was just hoping that in this election cycle, not as many of them would be running for president!

Apparent news!

breaking-news-business-cartoons-vectors_zkDEm1_O_LI watch the news just about every night. I have noticed that there are a few sayings they use that baffle me. One is they said a guy died of an apparent gunshot wound. I don’t understand, if he has a giant hole in the middle, or maybe is missing most of his head can’t we call it positive as far as a cause? Maybe there is a case where they are only winged by the bullets and then someone drives a car over them. Then you could say, we think it was the car, not the gun. They don’t say it was apparent significate blood loss. The other one is that someone is mortally wounded. Isn’t that dead? I am not sure I know the difference between being dead and mortally wounded. Is it an injury that causes you to die later? maybe but I know they have the same result. While I am at it, why say that some of these shootings are possibly gang related. Two known gang members, bodies covered with gang tattoos, wearing gang colors are found dead with guns in their hands, and you say it was possibly gang related? Hey news people, just forget the politically correct sayings and just call it what it is during your apparent newscast.

Lies, damn lies and hair care products!

haircareI don’t know if you notice all the commercials for hair care products. they usually have some beautiful woman who tells you how her hair was falling out of her head until she started using whatever product they are pushing. Most of this stuff sounds made up, now infused with red seaweed! Red seaweed? What the heck is that? I half expect someone to come out with one that says it contains whale spit or sea turtle tears. I guess the whale spit isn’t far fetched as there is some stuff used in perfume that is whale barf or something like that. Whatever the case, I am also amused that this model or actress wants you to believe she is using hair products from Walmart? She is probably spending more on a haircut than I spent on my car. Her hair looks good because she is using a product boiled down from rare animals and witch doctor brew which those of us watching from our living rooms can’t afford. The mass produced stuff I am using keeps my hair looking like I comb it with a blender, and even if I could afford the whale spit, I think it would be wasted on what others have called my steel wool. Hopefully, most people are not fooled by these claims but I also hope you ladies know we love the way you look without all the seaweed.