Go ahead, move out of the country!

cal-icons2-201408-118I would like to start off by saying everyone has the right to say what they want in this country! That is a fact I defend. I do not advocate silencing anyone. That being said, your right to speak doesn’t make you right. It also does not remove any of the consequences of your actions. I am not talking about criminal things like people attacking you for what you said, that is wrong, but if what you said makes people not buy tickets to your show or movie or sporting event that is your own fault. This is the part I think movie stars, athletes, and musicians don’t get. If you are in the arts and entertainment field you have fans. These fans love your music, acting or athletic ability, and they most likely come from all walks of life, faiths, and creeds. A lot of these stars have spent many years working at those talents but that doesn’t mean they have skills in all areas. I am an IT guy and I would hope that if someone has an IT problem I am an expert that can help them with a computer issue. I am asking , please, if you have an accounting problem, go to someone else! I am not good at accounting, in the same way, when these entertainers speak on politics and faith making stands that are just dumb or controversial they risk the wrath of those who are fans. I don’t mind them expressing their views in a humble way understanding that others may not agree, I do mind when they shove it in my face and believe if I don’t agree I am stupid. And please stop telling us you are going to move to another country if you don’t get your way, we don’t care and we know you won’t do it anyway. The bottom line is you make money off of us, and if you don’t figure out we don’t want your opinion, you may not have the option of making more money off of us in the future!

Oh, for Pete’s sake!

vector-sport-concept_fJ1vcj8u_LLook, I think there are some fishy stories out there. The conspiracy folks have always had some ammo, JFK, Area 54, the moon landing, these are the classics which have been debated by all the various doubters for years. Some of them seem like they might have a small possibility but some of them are just crazy! I could walk around the mountains of northern California in a monkey suit and someone would say I was Bigfoot, but if you have a big enough telescope you can look at the trash we left up on the moon. Some people out there want to find a conspiracy around everything and they use the stupidest things as proof! Between everyone being offended by everything and people claiming everything is a conspiracy it is getting harder to not just haul off and face slap a giant portion of the people in the U.S. Come on! you can’t get so worked up over stupid stuff, and worst all it detract us from paying attention to the things we really need to do and fix! Stop caring whether aliens are kidnapping your neighbors or if your dog is really stealing money from your wallet, actually, that one might be worth looking into. Let’s pay attention to stuff that needs our attention, like the fate of our country!

I love my job, but….

Showing thumbs upI love what I do. I am a tech guy and I enjoy helping people so it works out that I get to do what I like to earn a living. While I like my job I can tell you there are a lot of things I hate about my job! The paperwork is numbing, having to deal with the politics of working in a large company can be on some days painful. The thing is I have never had a job that I liked 100%. That is a reality, there are things about every job we don’t like, but we do them. It isn’t like I can just not do them, they have to get done. If I like my position and want to keep it, they are the price for getting to do what I like. That is something I had to learn over time, it wasn’t something I knew would happen as a kid. As I dreamed of what I would do as an adult I didn’t think I would have to do reviews or deal with employee problems. Even as a kid if you dreamed of being a football star you didn’t think about the hours, months and years you would spend practicing. No, you dreamed of throwing the winning touchdown in the last second of the game. The part we have to learn is the price that we pay for the minute of success. Hard work goes into success and even into enjoyment. To get there we have to put in time doing the things we don’t like. More to the point, we have to learn to do the things we don’t like well if we want to really have success.

Dentist or therapist?

at dentistToday was my every six month trip to the dentist. It is not like I want to go that often but I did the, not go for ten years thing when I was younger and the follow-up visits for “Deep Cleaning” made me get better about going regularly. While it was only a cleaning it still feels like I am in there for therapy more than teeth. They lean you back and start asking how the family is, where the kids are at, how are they doing in school? It is always hard to answer with fingers in my mouth. As the hygienist continually changes out her tools of torture you are supposed to give your family history and how everyone is doing. They must teach them this in School because I have never had one that didn’t ask all the same questions. In between the probing questions comes the “are you doing ok” Which I think is meant for the pain but sound like it could be for life as well. As a side note, I never tell them they are hurting me. It doesn’t mean they will stop, they have to get the multiple cups of coffee stains off and they are not coming off with a strong talking to. No, they are going just stop and tell me they are sorry for the pain, which goes back to the therapy thing and then continue anyway. Perhaps it is the pain mixed with the questions about my life that makes me feel better when I walk out. Perhaps or maybe it is the mint flavored polish. Walking out running my tongue over my clean teeth knowing that they are ready to begin the coffee staining process all over again is some sort of cathartic moment!

Tire store fun!

Breaking through the wheel of a large tractor.My truck needs tires, so off to the store I go. Unfortunately, this is a Ford f350 so it isn’t going to be a couple of dollars. They are massive and require the cash rivaling a small countries annual income. So when I pull into the parking lot of a supposedly “inexpensive” tire store a young man meets me at the truck and asks how he can help me today. I resist the temptation to say something snarky like “you could make tires free” but he has probably heard it so I won’t go there, at least not yet! He then starts the pitch, I want two tires, he recommends I change all of them. I only want the two, he shows me a chart of how my old tires will cause me to burst into flames when trying to not hit a small furry animal on my way home. I again say I only want the two tires, he then tells how my spare tire has more wrinkles than Cher before her last facelift. Thanks but I only want the two tires, I have to then explain how many years left of college my kids have and unless all of them decide to run off to some mountain in Tibet to become monks I will only be buying the two tires. He then flips around his computer screen to show me the options ranging from platinum coated tires which will make me the envy of all the other big trucks or the plain really expensive tires I can’t afford. I tell him I want just the plain unaffordable ones, please. He rings it all up and then tells me it will be about ninety minutes, two and a half hours later I finally get the truck back feeling very much like a sucker who just got played! The worst part is all the other trucks still have nicer tires!

Snacking dilemma’s!

bread_zyYqIIdOYou are opening a candy bar, the wrapper is being a little stubborn so you pull a little harder when all of a sudden it gives way sending your snack to the floor. So the question is, do you still eat it? To me the answer is conditional, depending on where I dropped it. If it was in a public restroom, it is dead to me! In my cubical at work, eh, it is still gonna be eaten. Others may not be so clear thou, I dropped a pot of beans into the sink, they were not cooked yet, I was rinsing them before cooking. Of course, I scooped all the ones that fell into the sink but half of them went down into the disposal. What to do? I can reach in and dig them out, I can rinse them all off and put them back into the pot? When it comes to snacks and my floor at home as long as I beat the dog to chip, it is mine. The garbage disposal is another story tho. I think that the dropped item also has some part to play in whether I will eat it. Chips, candy bars, solid items seem to me to be more recoverable. Buttered bread, butter side hits the floor, cracker with peanut butter or jelly, might depend on how lazy I am feeling and whether it was the carpet or the kitchen floor. I mean as long as most of it sticks to the bread I should be ok, and the dog will mop up anything that stays and will be grateful for the “happy accident”.

Late night Olympic viewing.

sports-medal-lite-sports-icon_fJWLKaIO_LStinking Olympics! Every night it is the same thing, I look online to see what we won in. It has been a good week so far. I spend my night watching and waiting for the part they show last, way after my bed time. They show the Russians blowing a lead, ok, I kind of like watching that, they show Micheal Phelps with his bad Anakin Skywalker face, then cut to midnight beach volleyball. They save the best for when I should be under my covers, instead, I am standing in front of the tv realizing it is late and I need to go to bed. Yeah, I can DVR it but I already know who won and tomorrow I will have a different list of what I want to watch so I won’t go back. The only things I have watched over are the horrific accidents, did you see the woman cyclist wipe out, the weightlifter who’s arm turned into Gumby? How about the male gymnast who’s leg flipped around backward when he landed. I get the shakes when I watch these but like a moth to a flame I can’t help but watch. The best is when they ask Joe Theismann to comment. This poor guy had a stellar NFL career as a quarterback and the only time the drag him out is to comment on someone else’s horrific sports injury. If you don’t know what happened to Joe, go look it up on youtube. It sets the standard for horrific and is what ended his career. The best part was watching this live when I was a kid. They showed it from every angle and in slow motion over and over again for about an hour while they worked on getting him off the field. It also, in regards to the coverage, sets the standard for what broadcasters shouldn’t do.

I am a gift giving disaster!

Baby rabbitOk, I am a guy. I know that comes as a shock but I wanted to say that and to add that I have no idea what is an appropriate gift in most situations. I would say this is true for most guys but I a particularly bad at it. Getting the right card, getting the right gift, they are not what I excel in. For example, a guy I work with just had a baby, I don’t know if I have to get some cute little outfit or would a tool from Harbor Freight be ok. I know he would like the tool and if I get some outfit it will probably be the wrong size, color, or any number of things wrong, but a tool will always work! Couldn’t get any accessories because any I can afford are probably on the recall list or the “top ten what not to buy” list. If they are not they cost as much as a used car. Have you looked at all the baby stuff, it is more complicated than a backpack from REI and cost more! It also appears to me that all that baby stuff is now somehow related to the transformer movies because nothing is just one thing anymore. As parents, you now need the full-size minivan just for the gear and another to carry the child in. Thank goodness my children are now adult age, now all they want is money, which is in limited supply around my house and the occasional car keys. Most of the year all of my money goes to having them live somewhere else, where they learn all the things I did wrong during those baby years above! Maybe the best gift I can give is a few dollars to pay for a babysitter, but then again when they are newborns they are just too cute and you are too exhausted to go out!

Naked in Public!

Naked woman sitting on the floor with blank boardThere seems to be a trend lately of nakedness in public. Not just in a protests or beaches, but in businesses. For example, there is a new restaurant in England where people get naked while eating. Apparently, there is a long waiting list to get a table at this place. While I like the fact that I would not get food stains on my clothes there is nothing that I would want to do less than getting naked in a restaurant. First, do they have a locker room where you get undressed or do you just sit at your table and undress? Do they have wipes with bleach to wipe off your chair before you sit down? I mean I can’t imagine the last person to put their hands on the shopping cart, I just don’t want to know what has been on that chair. Maybe they have the paper roll at the table so like at a public restroom you can pull one of those doily things to cover the seat. That is just one of my questions, others like do they still give you a bib if you order lobster or are there any dishes that are flambĂ©? The other is the protest thing. What are you thinking? So you want to protest the way someone treats women by getting naked and stand outside a public event? Somehow I don’t think your message is getting heard, at least no one is reading your sign. Whatever the case all this naked in public makes me want to put another layer of clothes on. This might appeal to some but I think I am gonna refrain, at least until I am old and loose my mind. Then I will run naked through the streets yelling the British are coming!

Tech guys are not really jerks!

Android robot sitting with a Tablet ComputerSo on my last post, a friend posted how the IT department always treats people poorly. I am an IT guy so I felt compelled to comment on this. And my comment is, guilty as charged! We are notorious as technical people to come off as really rude or treat people as if they are stupid. Just watch the SNL skit with Mike Myers and you will see what most people think about the IT team. https://youtu.be/tfKL6RM8hsY
There is a reason thou that I would like to explain. You see most of the people who gravitate toward a career in technology have a certain personality type. I would like to say that I am an anomaly in that I am an extrovert but many of my friends and coworkers are not. To be really good at the technology you have to be able to hyper-focus on things and really be able to understand how these systems work, and they don’t operate like people. So some of them, and I don’t want to say all, don’t realize that the way they speak to people is rude or condescending because they don’t spend a lot of time developing those people skills, they spend their time looking at manuals, websites, and code. So the next time they come to your desk and you think they are not being very friendly, remember they are used to being alone and conversation is foreign and most of the time they are just not aware of the tone.