My faith in humanity!

We as the human race, have the capacity for amazing feats. We have compassion, intelligence, ingenuity and many other traits which can be used for the good of all humanity. But along with those abilities comes a few that make me realized that frankly we are all doomed! Take this couple for example. Two geniuses who were married only eleven months were on their way to file divorce papers when they decided to pull over and do a little “back seat” business. While back there, husband, genius number one, decides to tell soon to be ex-wife that he slept with another woman in their bed. Now, no one would disagree that this woman had a right to be upset but what is the best part of this story is that she was a woman who was not only upset but a woman of action. According to the news article, she then reached into her purse and pulled out a pink 9mm handgun and shot the husband twice. It didn’t say, but I bet that gun was a past present from husband. The story does say she shot him in the shoulder and thigh, not sure if the first one was meant to be on the shoulder, but you can bet the second was a miss from her intended target! There are so many things about this story that make my day, just imagining the brilliance of this guy to choose this moment to inform his wife of past dalliances is one of the best. These are the types of humans who give the rest of us trying to get this thing called life done right, a lot less hope! It does thou remind me of the saying that there is someone for everyone, I mean hey, these two found each other!

I need a list for my list!

So I have too many things on my todo list. To tell you the truth I am not even looking at it because it is daunting. So instead I will do silly things like getting new puppies or deciding to take up creating an iPhone app. It is crazy to just distract myself from what needs to get done, but here I am downloading Yahtzee to do something else. I remember one of the jobs I got years ago I was hired part time to help support a guy who had too much work. So I show up, and he puts me on the first task which his boss had him hire me to do. I got it done quickly, so they asked if I would want to stay and do more. I liked the money, so I said sure. My co-worker hands me an eight-page list of all the things he wanted to get done. I picked out one I could do right then and started on it. I was only working three hours a day, but it seemed that every time I showed up this guy was in front of his computer where I left him, and nothing on the list had gotten done. This went on for a year until this guy decided he was done, and he resigned. They hired me to take his job, and on the first day I sat down with my new boss, and he had a request for me. He told me to throw away the previous guys list and start my own. I agreed especially since some of the stuff on the list was either silly or didn’t need to be done. Maybe I should do the same thing with my list. If I start over perhaps a lot of the thing I put on there are now unnecessary or a least so far behind that I can remove them and wait for them to come back around later.

Come on, Man!

Is it really going to be like this for the next four to eight years? Half the country hated the old guy, so post after post on Facebook told me how horrible he was. Now half the country hates the new guy, so post after post is, you guessed it, how awful the new guy is. Come on, have we run out of the cute cat, baby or old people videos? Can’t we find a good meal or a dress of many colors to post? How about you put on a Darth Vader mask and laugh hysterically for a while? I am in need of some getting along on my feed, and I am counting on all of you to start shaping up! I can take the inspirational, and I can even give Jesus a “like” once and a while if that will help. Let’s get back to getting along and posting our food and over sharing surgeries, injuries and babies. It isn’t that I didn’t have an opinion about the last guy, or one about the new guy, it is that regardless none of the posts, videos or surveys have changed anybody’s opinion of either. All it has done is serve to alienate family and friends and made me switch from watching the evening News to HGTV. I am not getting much solid, unbiased information from any news channel and at least Chip and Joanna are giving me tips on how to fix up my home! Do you think I should do ship-lap in my bathroom?

Not a fan of crowds!

I had the inauguration on in the background today while I am working. At one point the station was moving the camera back and forth showing the crowd. While I think it would be awesome someday to go to an inauguration, I have no desire to be one little speck in a crowd that size. When I was very young, we were in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in Mexico City. If you want to get close to the front of the church, you have to merge yourself into the massive crowd of people and inch your way forward until you can see anything. What I remember is holding my mother’s hand in amongst the masses and my head starting to sweat profusely, and then I blacked out. The next thing I remember was waking up with my family waving hats in my face to make a breeze. I may have passed out a few other times when I was young, but that one sticks out. As I have aged, I have always feared something like that happening again. I have been in large crowds at concerts and events, but nothing like that has happened, but looking at the size of the crowd I have never been in one that large. It would be very embarrassing to pass out and wake up being dunked into the reflecting pool! I’m sure that would end up on Youtube!

It is time!

Today is the day! We are past the holidays. The kids are all back to school, and it seems most of the treats at work have been consumed. Thou I have been eating like I was pregnant or something since Thanksgiving it is now time to start my diet over again. I stepped on the scale this morning, gasped at the damage and then proceeded to eat a lot less for breakfast. So I will break out the calorie counting app, dust off the treadmill and start the process of getting back to where I need to be. I know, the yo-yo thing is not good for me. I also know that it would be better if I just didn’t over eat during the holidays. Let’s be real; it is just not possible to not over eat some, yeah I could be better to limit the damage, I have been better in years past, but this year there were other things going on at the same time, and it just added up quickly. Well, the good news is I am starting, and I waited till everyone else was already off their diet to start. That way it is not going to be a failed resolution thing. The bad news is, It will probably take me to next Thanksgiving to get back down to my ideal weight, just in time to start the gaining game all over again!

Sick days!

What to do on sick days? I guess that depends on what you have. Right now if I lean my head to the side or stand up quick all the build up in my head makes me dizzy so not much running around will be happening. Daytime TV is not exactly worth turning on, and I think I have watched everything I am interested in on Netflix. Board games require someone else and video games require co-ordination which I lack on a good day and have even less right now. Besides taking more decongestant and sleeping it seems I am out of ideas. Most of the day will be spent trying to figure out what to eat and why I am eating when I don’t feel hungry and deciding if my naps should be in bed or on the couch. Being sick just means waiting for it to be over and trying to lessen the symptoms. Hopefully tomorrow I can stand up without all the head trama and breath without all the nose whistling. Until then, it is either old movies or soap operas.

Home sweet home!

The American dream as many see it is home ownership. Having your own place is the goal for a lot of people. I do enjoy owning my home, and it is a great feeling of pride when things are working well, but right now it is making me wonder if home ownership is worth it. The heater has decided that heat it not always necessary. It also seems to be sending Morris code through the pipes to unknown co-conspirators. The water heater might be in on the plan because it seems to know when I am in the shower and it is time to deny hot water to the pipes. Not to mention all the burnt trees I still have to cut down from the fire. The wind is blowing at about 60 miles per hour right now you think it could knock a few down for me. That is beside the new chicken coop and green house my wife wants me to build. Sometimes I believe that it would be nice to live in a condo where you pay a few dollars and they take care of everything. Maybe when I am older, that will make sense, till then the honey do list is waiting!

Resolution, smezolution.

Well, well, if it isn’t the start of a new year! Did you make any resolutions? I do not make any at this time of year because they are just too easy to forget in a week or two. If I am resolving to do something, I wait until I am serious about it later in the year and then figure out how to accomplish it. I know it seems like a good time to do it, but I just don’t like the pressure of this time of year. Some are good at it; I just heard someone explain how they create a mind map and have categories for personal, spiritual and work goals. Wow, I will be lucky to get one goal and stick to it! All this goals talk is making me feel like a wimp. Perhaps I should take a few minutes today to reflect and look forward to what I want to accomplish in the next year, or I can eat this burger I brought for lunch and figure out where I can nap for the afternoon! That sounds like something I can resolve to do!