Well that was smart!

I am running late today. I have a problem with something I am working on, and it is not working how I want it. This makes me do things like not paying attention to other things I should. I will tend to keep working on it till I get what I want, but I have been on this one for a few days. I am frustrated and annoyed that it is not working. When I was young, I had a boss who was more than a crusty character, this guy acted and looked a little like he should be on a pirate ship. He knew everyone in the business and had worked at every shop in the area at some time or another. With all that is was still a good boss, he understood the work and knew how to talk to you when you were frustrated or stuck on something. He would come by my cube and see me struggling, and he would say ” Bob, it is an inanimate object, it isn’t smarter than you.” He then would tell me to walk around the building once or twice to clear my head then get back to it. You know that worked for me, and it still does. So the last few days I have walked around the building a few times a day. The building I worked when I was young was a lot smaller, but so were my problems.

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