Be good because…

I sat in a Panera half listening to a group of older men talking. The subjects ranged from politics to old age. A few things that struck me. No matter how old they were they talked about old age as something that others were. Second, they were worried about old age and how they would be treated by their family. I watched them as they saw someone being loaded into a care with care and they said they were treating their kids good so they would hopefully treat them good when it was their time. I figure if they are just starting now they are already too late. You can’t expect a few years of treating someone decent to change a life time of the opposite. I believe in second chances and that we should forgive those who have harmed us. I also believe it will never happen over night. I also think that if the only reason you are treating someone else good is for your own benefit it will be evident. Doing the right thing and being a good person to others has to be something we do because we care for others more than ourselves and no other reason.

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