Big city traveling

Well, it looks as if I will have to make a trip to the east coast this summer. I have driven and flown to Virginia a few times when our son was in college out there, but we stayed close to DC in the more rural areas and didn’t wander too far into any areas of the real city other than to the National Mall. This time it will be to scout out Philadelphia. I have driven all over the Los Angeles area, but somehow that seems less scary than back east. Maybe it is because I grew up out west and have driven all those freeways hundreds of times, or maybe it is because the cities back east seem older and not as organized. These cities built up over a long time and planning changed over the decades, and nothing appears to flow in a logical way. I am sure once I walk around a bit I will get the lay of the land, but I know that the only they can build new roads in towns like Philadelphia they have to build them in tunnels underground. That to me means,  you have areas of 300 year old roads and building mixed in with new stuff. That is the part that seems confusing. Maybe I have just been living in the country for too long.

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