Born to Run?

A friend lent me a book we had talked about a while back. The book is “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. This book is about a guy who loves to run but can’t figure out why his foot hurts. He seeks out some Indians in the mountains of Mexico who run barefoot, and he learns how to run like them, and everything is now wonderful, and he can run like the wind. I am happy for the guy, and this book has influenced a whole generation of runners, however, that is not me. When my friend handed me the book my comment was, I was not born to run; I was born to pull a cart. I am more like a mule. I would say a Clydesdale, but honestly, they are still too graceful to compare them to me. My running is more like mulish. I fear for any bug that falls under my shoes, it is definitely crushed. I compared my old running shoes to the new ones, and the heal looks like one of those toys you squeeze to watch their eyes bug out. I know it is a lot better than when I started, but I will never be a barefoot or fast runner. I am ok with that because I am not a “born to run” kind of guy. I am a born to eat kind of guy, so I will keep running.

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