Chchch changes!

I went to my son’s graduation ceremony yesterday. As much as they try to make it fresh and different some things seem like they said them at my graduation 30 years ago. I tried to list a few of them but I don’t have enough time to list them all.

1. Dream big! Really? Statically most of these people will live quiet lives even if 90% are going off to college. Maybe that is their dream and that is ok. we need average good people, if everybody becomes a star then nothing will be special about being a star.

2. Now you can figure out who you are. I am 48 years old. Let me know when you figure that out kids, because I still haven’t. Well that isn’t entirely true, but what I have figured out took longer to get to than four more years.

3. Change the world. I have never understood why the world needs so much changing. I like a lot about my world. It seems all the things I like everyone else wants to change. Yes some things need to be changed but lets figure out what is really broken before we go changing it for changes sake.

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