We don’t need no Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo, the largest excuse for drinking and wearing derogatory hats and costumes since Saint Patrick’s day! This day that is significant to the people of Puebla Mexico because it marks the end of a battle they won over the French despite overwhelming odds has been turned into something that does not resemble Mexican pride. Like the fourth of July, but instead of breaking out the hot dogs and hamburgers and American flag shorts, it is tacos and burritos with sombreros. I guess the bottom line is several times a year we need some reason to drink heavily and over eat so we have created these days, and I include Thanksgiving in this, in which it is socially acceptable to do so. I don’t think we have to work so hard to create these kinds of days when I was growing up, we just called it Sunday dinner. As many of our family as was in town got together, and by family, I mean anyone who ever was a roommate, friend or dated a family member was also invited. My uncle fired up the barbeque and everyone eat and drank till the mariachi music started cranking. Then it really got interesting! Never needed a special day of the year, just family!

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