The circle of shopping life!

dishsoap-liquid_zyvDIvYdLadies, I have to ask. Are you buying this crud? The commercials for soap and lotion and even underwear for woman are ridiculous! Would you use dish soap on your skin, one asks? It is, after all, soap so probably? Oh no, you have to use their product. Would you go out in public wearing plain old underwear when you can have ones that hold a gallon of water, and no one will notice? What about super models, you are all six foot six inches tall and walk around all day in next to nothing, right? This is what passes for marketing these days, make sure you feel like you are doing something wrong unless you do it the way they say everyone is doing it. Don’t forget hair care products as well, you must be changing your hair color and shampoo over to what the twenty-something is selling. I say selling because there is no way this millionaire is using something off the shelf. She is probably washing her hair in unicorn tears which none of the things she is pushing contain. No, what she is selling you is dish soap in a fancy bottle and making enough from that to feed many small nations. But instead of feeding said nations she is blowing that money on more expensive hair care products and fancy underwear. It’s a circle of life kind of thing!

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