Company, chose your technology wisely.

macIn my current role in IT I am the guy who checks out all the new tech to see if it is something we want to deploy to our users. My group sets the computer standards for everyone in the company. That is for the most part. It used to be that IT set the standards and no one questioned why we used this brand or that computer, however those times have changed. Today, Christmas rolls around and everyone shows up with the latest device and wants me to “hook them up”! The other way is anyone with a C in their title sees something on a commercial and buys one. All of these things are cool, I get it. They also make my job a living nightmare. The more of the “same” computers I have the less it takes for me to support them. Ford created the assembly line to speed up and make the building of cars repeatable and I do the same with support. I can crank out computers with the same software and hardware for the masses. Once I have to “customize” every computer the time it takes for me to set them up and service them goes way up. I don’t mind if my company wants to allow a fully custom world of computers, which is their decision. What most companies don’t understand is the increase in cost that it brings and they certainly aren’t OK with paying for it. Like I said, I don’t mind the decision, I just think it should be an informed one.

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