Diet soda, stinks!

I have always thought that diet sodas are a scam. They claim they have zero calories but with all the chemicals it takes to get zero out of it, I feel it has to be bad for me. The problem is what to drink other than diet soda? You have water, good for you, naturally zero calories and probably the best thing for you. The problem with water is, well, its water. After eight glasses a day for a year you want something else. Coffee is good, not zero, but when you want something cold you have to put a lot of sugar and milk in it to drink it cold. Flavored water either has very little flavor or very little water. Some of those you might as well just drink the above mentioned soda. The only thing left is ice tea. Now for my friends from the south. When I say tea, I mean taking a tea bag putting it in hot water or in a jar out on the porch and letting it steep for a while then serving on ice. I do not mean the dissolving of a five-pound bag of sugar into one gallon of water as the starter mix version. Sorry for the disruption in the force I just caused to my southern friends, but I did start out by mentioning the word diet.

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