What I never expected!

Christmas TreeMy birthday is December 24th. Yes, that is right Christmas eve. It was really a big thing for me as a kid. My extended family was together for Christmas everyone was eating and drinking enjoying being together and let’s just say my birthday was not on anyone’s mind. After dinner, my mom would break out a cake and then I would see all the “oh yeah” looks on everyone’s faces. I was annoyed because others had birthday parties or separate days and my day was an after thought. Now that I have fifty-plus years it is now a blessing to have the distractions of the day. I don’t want the special day anymore, actually, I wish they would stop! Funny how perspective changes over the years. Things I would have never imagined to be good, things I really, really wanted are now past memories which just are not important. I am hoping that in another ten years what is going on today becomes the hidden blessing I would never have expected. It isn’t what I planned, little in my life has been, but so far all the turns and twists have worked out so I am going to have to trust God that he knows what is going on even if I can’t see it.

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  1. I can relate, Bob. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I treat my wife to a Valentine’s Day dinner, she treats me to a birthday dinner. Works great. 🙂

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