The over fifty blues!

I am getting to the age where every doctor that I have visited over the last 30 years now thinks I should come in yearly! When I was young, there was a point where I didn’t see a doctor or a Dentist for over ten years. I am not saying that was right but I didn’t need any of them at that time. I do go to the dentist now every six months, and I get my man over 40 test every five. If I listened to the experts, I should have head to toe exams by every specialist there is! I am in good health. My doctor noted that I don’t visit very often last time I was in, and that was just to get allergy meds. My work is even in the act, I can get points toward cash rewards if I have a physical and get some sort of biometrical screening. At least my work will reward me for it. The rest just try and scare me into getting checked out. I swear most mornings that guy on NBC who shows you the hidden dangers of everything, including paper, talks about someone who didn’t die because they regularly had check ups. I am to fear the sun, the water I drink, the food I eat, and most of all “High Fructose Corn Syrup.” When I was a kid my favorite thing to put on my pancakes was peanut butter with Karo Syrup, clear corn syrup gold! Now I am to stay away from it. Getting older stinks, all the things you used to like to do are slowly replaced with things you have to do. I understand that there will be a point where I will cross over again into the “I lived long enough to not care” stage, but I have a little longer to go before I get there. For now, I will try and do the things that will get me there, and do a little moaning about it!

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