The fix or toss dilemma.

holygrailI am not a member of Green Peace and I don’t wear cloths made of hemp, but I do like to recycle and I try to keep the throw away purchases to a minimum. As good as I want to be it isn’t always the easiest to do what Al Gore is yelling at me is best. For example I bought a little book light at Walmart to shine on the screen of my treadmill. I found out after I bought the treadmill that the screen which shows your miles and time doesn’t have a light in it so it is hard to read. So for a quick fix I bought a little book light that I could shine on it to be able to read how far I had gone. This thing has lasted about a year on the batteries it came with but this week the light was so dim I could no longer read the screen. I opened the case and took a picture with my phone of the batteries I needed. Today at Walmart I found the batteries, it takes three and they had a set for five dollars and change. Here is the problem, the light sells for two dollars. So I can buy a new light for less than half, batteries included or just the batteries for way more. Look, I don’t want to artificially inflate the price of things so we won’t throw them away but when something new is way cheaper than getting the old one fixed, I’m gonna contribute to the local landfill.

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