A geek and his backpack!

205059_1_1I think it is firmly established that I am a computer geek. I work on them all day and for fun, I work on them most nights. This also means I carry a backpack. I decided I need to carry something smaller so I didn’t have to lug that big thing around, maybe due to age, it just seems to be heavier lately. So I purchased a smaller courier style bag and started to transfer my things. This is where I realized what was really going on. The three empty tins of mints were my first clue, I had seen an article about carrying headphones in a tin to keep them from tangling. Five video adapters, you never know what setup they have when you need to do a presentation, and three power cords for devices I carry. I pulled out an 8.5 x 11 notebook of lined paper for note taking, and a 264 page book on programming. I also have two checkbooks from my various businesses, three sets of business cards from my employer and my businesses, not to mention the external hard drive, wireless mouse and multiples of USB thumb drives and one credit card reader. I have not listed everything, but I think you get the picture. No wonder the pack seemed heavy, it was! Maybe I need to stop running around with my life on my back and get back to just the essential. This should help my back and my life.

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