Handicapped Accessible my ear!

wheelchair-glyph-icon_z1GOwa8OMy wife, son and I went looking for an apartment for our son to stay at while he is doing his masters. The criteria we searched under after close to campus was handicapped accessible. I am always amazed at what people think is “accessible”. For example curbs and weird sidewalks are not the best for someone who has balance problems, and having to go all the way around the building to get to the one ramp isn’t that great either. Some thou are just plain silly. A complex with wider doors and elevators is great but the front door is manual. How would someone in a wheelchair get through the door even if it were wider? They could fumble with it and go back and forth till they got through I guess. I never understand why you do all the things to make it more accessible but forget one of the basics? I think that every apartment that is allowed to advertise accessibility should have to pass a test. Bring in someone with a scooter or wheelchair and have him or her navigate the building. If they can get to an apartment and get into it without help they should get a seal of approval! If not call it friendly, or something else which would let the perspective renter know of the possible issues.

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