Happy Freakin’ holidays!

Christmas tree vector - IllustrationAh, the holidays. When people everywhere start to be offended by all the things they take for granted the rest of the year. Your company supports all kinds of things that I don’t believe in the whole year long but now I am going to be offended by you and light you up on social media. I have a comment for both sides of this argument. Knock it off! If my town wants to but up a nativity scene a menorah or a Santa riding on the back of a shark why do you have to be offended? We have to stop getting all worked up over stupid stuff. I am a Christian, but I don’t expect everyone else to be. I do believe that the intent of towns who put up Christmas decorations is done in good spirit not to force you to celebrate something you don’t believe. Why does it have to offend you? We are now wasting everyone’s time and effort trying to be as non-offensive as possible and it just isn’t possible. Until we all decide that there are real problems we need to put our efforts toward instead of all this nonsense this spiral to stupid will continue. Until Thanksgiving is over I refuse to put up any Christmas lights, but after that I am planning on offending as many people as I can with my holiday cheer!

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