High School pranks.

background-with-school-bus_fJHyVxiuMy son and I commute to work every day. He is a teacher at a local school “The Classical Academy”. As we were driving into work today we noticed that someone had removed the  “C L” and the “ICAL” from the sign. We both laughed at the prank which was somewhat humorous, but will ultimately get some kid or kids in trouble. The reason they will get caught is not because they have cameras on the sign or even that someone may have seen them. No they will be caught because they won’t be able to keep it to themselves. The prank is never done for the prank sake, it is done to be able to brag to fellow classmates. So it will make the rounds and someone’s parent will hear and call the school and turn them in. They will get in trouble, they will take the walk of shame to the principal’s office. The problem is it will be a badge of pride to them and no matter what the school does next year someone else will do something equally malicious, because we all know that to most High School kids, High School is not about the education.

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