I think my iPhone is messing with me!

I am not the most organized person. My apps are kind of all over the place. I have put critical apps in places so that I can find them quickly, but a lot of them are random across the eight pages of screens. A co-worker showed me his iPhone, and he had all his apps in folders labeled for the type they were, financial or games and such all on the home screen. He could just tap the right folder and the app was there. Every time I try and find an app it is a flip and find disaster. I swear the app was on the bottom row about three or four screens in instead after much searching it is about the fifth page and third row up. What is worse is the app has been updated, so the icon is different, so I passed it over a few times looking for it. I tried getting organized I put them is some order, then I come back, and they are reorganized again! Either Apple gets some kick out of messing with me, or my apps are like ants which migrate around the screens looking for food. I am going to try and put them in folders, but I can tell you I will come back tomorrow and find my banking app in the fitness app folder. Siri will be snickering at me under her digital breath!

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