Be kind to you friendly neighborhood IT guy!

I am an IT guy, so sometimes people ask me for help with various technology related things. I do like helping people, so I do somethings for free, and some people will give me a little money for helping them out. When I earned my living as a contract IT guy, it was more of a problem not to get paid. Now it is no big deal. The times I question why I help others is when something goes wrong. I was helping someone who’s computer was dead. They had their whole life on this machine. When they brought it to me, they had the look of a pet owner handing over a beloved friend who had been hit by a car. I tried seven ways to recover anything off that computer. I got nothing. I explained that there are places which can do a professional recovery and get stuff, but they cost over a thousand dollars. The person just looked at me with an open mouth and sad puppy dog eyes. As a public service message, I will insert the usual response of, do an automated backup if you don’t want to lose your stuff. In these moments I realize why I was poor at being my own boss. I feel so sorry for the person I do things like not charge them or spend way more hours than I could charge for to try and help. Even when I do it as a favor, I still feel sorry if I can’t fix it. Maybe I should tell people I am in Waste Management, that way all they will ask is if I can dump something for them. I could do that without feeling guilty!

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