Life is like a potluck brownie!

I was speaking at a church this last Sunday. It was a treat to share what I am passionate about, that is special needs. After my portion of the service was finished, I sat down to listen to the pastor. One of the things he brought up was that he didn’t like potlucks. I thought that was weird in that some churches including this one are known for potlucks. Some believe the service isn’t over until the potluck is done. I have never been a member of one of that kind of churches but, being a reformed fat guy, food is always a welcome thing and potlucks to me are the best form. Everyone tries to bring something to show up all the others who brought stuff and mayonnaise is usually one of the main ingredients in at least one casserole. What I am saying is, I like them. But this pastor did not. After lunch, while we were driving home my son told me that the pastor had explained to him why he was not a fan of potlucks. It seems at one a long time ago an older lady in the church offered the pastor one of the brownies she had made. When the pastor took a look at the brownie, it was covered in cat hair. I did not get much more information than that, but in my mind, I picture a little old lady handing him a small paper plate with a hairball mixed with brownie and this poor guy trying to figure out some way to ditch the brownie and yet not offend the person who was giving it to him. The thought of this moment still gives me a smile. This is a lot like life, isn’t it? We are always thinking the things coming our way are good things, but many of them are full of surprises, and not always the good kind!

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