To go where few men have gone before!

It isn’t that I don’t like to run, it is that I have a limit. Yes, I did a crazy marathon, but it was nothing compared to what some people do. Ultra marathons do not seem sane. 100 miles or 130 miles does not sound even remotely like something I want to do, yet people go out and run these crazy things. One person says that their organs start shutting down on during one of these races. What kind of damage is that doing to your body? I was just watching a documentary about an insane one in which only fifteen people have ever finished. All I can ask is, why? Why put yourself through that? There has to be some screw loose in your head that makes you think it is something you want to attempt. I can see how some want to test the very boundaries of what can be humanly done. I can also see how it would be a thrill to challenge one’s self to meet such a challenge. I just think I will pass on that. I did my big thing, it was big for me, and that is quite enough. I am ok watching from my couch while others push the limits. After all, this cookie dough ice cream isn’t going to finish its self!

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