Modern torture!

Man's face stretched by people's handsI am finding it hard to write a blog post that is not political. On purpose, I have stayed away from politics as best I can in the blog. Yes, I have stepped up on my soapbox from time to time but I want this blog to be random thoughts and help me with my writing skills and not a rant about the country or to be another “my views matter” kind of thing. The other reason is that right now anytime I think about our current state of the election I am feeling it hard to hold down what I last ate. On that note, I would like to change the subject and bring up a weird documentary I found, the history of torture. This show went through the different ways people have been tortured and tried to figure out some of the ways it actually “tortured” people. They took a rack and put a pig’s leg on it to determine what would break first. They then used computer modeling to figure out how Vlad the Impaler, the real man behind the story of Dracula, put people on spikes without killing them right away. As I watched it my wife gave me that look of “why are you watching that?” To tell you the truth the only reason I was watching it was that the debate was on TV, and I wanted to keep down my dinner. So I guess I prefer the old fashion torture to the more modern forms.

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