Movies we have seen before.

I have to ask all the woman I know if they see all these chick flicks the same way I do? They seem to be the same movie over and over again. Girl and guy meet, guy is handsome but a jerk. Girl can’t stand him. Forgot to mention girl has boy friend or is engaged. Girl bumps into guy doing good thing which surprises her and makes her take second look at guy. Forgot to mention it also has to have scene of guy with shirt off. Girl realizes she is falling for guy. Girl sees something she thinks is guy being jerk again, but later realizes or is told that wasn’t what she saw, so love is back on and they kiss. Of course they are not all set in New England but more than half are, and most involve boats or a teacher. I am paraphrasing of course but it seems they all follow the same pattern. I don’t get how woman watch these without seeing it is the same story. Maybe it is like war movies to guys. We know the war ends with the good guy winning, but we like all the action leading up to the big explosion at the end!

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